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Medicinae Baccalaureus (Bachelor of Medicine)

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Q: What does MB not MD after a doctor's name mean?
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What does MD PLC after a doctors name mean?

what does plc mean

What does MD in OG mean after doctors name?

Obstetrics and gynaecology

What does MD dabsm after your doctors name mean?

"diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine."

What does MD OR faog mean when behind the Doctors name?

M.D. after a doctor's name stands for Doctor of Medicine.

What does MB mean after a physicians name in Canada?

This is probably an abbreviation for Bachelor of Medicine. It is not identical to an MD, but in some countries it is still the professional entry level degree in Medicine and may carry all or most of the qualifications one expects in an MD degree, despite the fact that it is not a doctoral level degree.

What does MD APC after my doctors name mean?

Medical Doctor, A Professional Corporation

What does MD mean after a doctors name?

Doctor of Medicine

What people has the words MD after their name?


Is a MD more than a GB?

No. A MB is millions and a GB is billions

What is the meaning of DO after the name of cardiology specialist?

DO stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. American trained physicians earn either an MD or DO depending on the school they choose. The DO degree is exclusively American while the MD is available from Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. European schools of medicine grant the MB degree which is not recognized in the US and is changed to MD upon licensure.

What does RS stand for in relation to a Doctors name as in MD RS?


What does MD DPH stand for in a Doctors Name?

MD/DPH stands for Doctor of Medicine, Doctor of Public Health