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What does Motor neurone disease affect in the body?

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What structures in the body respond to the impulses sent by a motor neurone?


What is the job for the cell body in a nerve cell?

It depends what part of the cell body you are talking about. The cell body of the nerve cell is the nerve cell. There is no difference between the two. Also, it depends what nerve cell you are talking about, it could be either a relay neurone, a motor neurone or a sensory neurone. The cell body of each is completely different.

How does a disease affect the human?

disease affect the human body by breaking down the body cell

What disease does hritik roshan have in guzarish?

hiee guys datz was mah dad disease named mnd(motor neurone disease) it was soo dangerous a man body functions are totally unfuntionable except brain n head......dis disease comes for nly person in India he is mah dad :( give ur commentz plz

How Does Disease Affect the Body?

It all depends on the disease.

What could cause right side of the body especially hand and foot to be colder than the left side and sometimes numb?

A stroke if it is only on one side or maybe a disease affecting your periphereal nervous system e.g. motor neurone disease if I were you I would seek help immediately!!!

What is the part of nerve cell transmit messagefrom the brain to the different part of the body?

Motor neurone send message from the brain to the affector

What are the three types of neurons in the human body?

There are three types of neurone within the nervous system: sensory (afferent), motor (efferent) and relay (interneurones).

How the different communicable disease affect your body?


How does coeliac disease affect your body?

poo is why

What is the disease and what parts of the body does it affect?


What is the definition of an afferent neuron?

An afferent neurone is one that sends action potentials (nerve impulses) from the body to the brain. An efferent neurone is the opposite (brain to body).

What body systems does chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affect and how does it affect them?

The disease COPD affects the respiratory system.

How does liver disease affect the body?

your body can not produce your blood right

Does anyone else think Stephen hawking is faking it n using his phone calculator widget?

What do you think he is faking? If you mean the paralysis, no. He has Motor Neurone Disease, which basically means that he can't move any part of his body except for his eyes. You've gotta specify what "it" means.

How does Addison's Disease affect the body?

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Which part of the body does the disease glossitis affect?


What body system does lymphoma disease affect?

Lymphoma is a disease that affects the lymphatic system.

What system or part of the body does tay sachs disease affect?

Tay Sachs disease is a disease of the nervous system. Therefore, it affects the entire body.

What carry impulses away from neuron cell bodies?

The axon of the neurone carries the impulse away from the cell body. The axon of the neurone carries the impulse away from the cell body.

Melanoma skin cancer what body system does this disease affect?

melanoma can affect the every system in your body because you are dying!:/

What is one disease that can affect your body system?

Aids Aids

Which part of your body does the disease-RICKETS affect?


What organs does Lyme disease affect?

any organs in the body

What body system would a cerebrovascular disease affect?