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the girl Pierre is looking for is.....he likes a girl with attitude and gutts to stand up for herself and the girl should be sporty and she should not be like all the other girls she should be tall and thin and totally cool and straight forward and ofcourse she should be arrogant and bossy,always pushing people around and her hair should be black just like Pierre himself.It doesn't matter whether she's from Canada or America or Spain or Russia or India or china.The only thing that matters is that she has character and looks.

THis is not true first of all I know that cuz He likes blonde hair and blue eyes And he has brown hair plus he likes a genuine girls he says "the main thing is to be your self.I think you've got to open up your deck of cards and show people who you are.If they're not interrested,then it's not the right person".

Look pretty sure he wouldn't like a girl who pushy arogant and bossy. He is engaged to Lachelle Farrar And She does not look pushy arogant and bossy.

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Q: What does Pierre Bouvier like in a girl?
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Pierre Bouvier goes by PB, Captain Pierre, Popsicle Pete, and Rock Bouvier.

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Pierre Bouvier's birth name is Pierre Charles Bouvier.

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Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.

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Pierre is about 5'10

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Canadian singer Pierre Bouvier is 38 years old (birthdate: May 9, 1979).

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As of July 2014, Pierre Bouvier and his wife, Lachelle Farrar, have two children, both girls. Pierre is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How old is Jay Bouvier?

Jay Bouvier is one of two older brothers of Simple Plan's Pierre Bouvier. Jay is about a year older, born 1978, while brother Pierre was born May 9, 1979. Pierre has said they are like fraternal twins. The third brother, Jonathan, is the oldest.

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No. He does not yes, he does. :)

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Pierre Bouvier

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Pierre Bouvier was born on May 9, 1979.