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What does RNA contain?

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protein synthesis in the cytoplasm

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Q: What does RNA contain?
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Does a polio virus contain DNA or RNA?

rna rna

Does DNA and RNA contain nucleotides?

Yes DNA and RNA contain nucleotides

Does viruses contain RNA?

Some viruses contain RNA; these are known as retroviruses. Others contain DNA.

Does paramyxovirus contain RNA or DNA?


What cells contain RNA?

All Eukaryotic cells contain RNAIn Eukaryotic the cells contain a Nucleus.The nucleus house's the genetic material eg. DNA and RNA

Does a nucleus of a cell contain RNA?

yes it does contain RNA. They are in the region of the nucleus called the nucleolus.

What contains RNA and is involved in protein synthesis?

Ribosomes contain RNA and is involved in protein synthesis. Mitochondria and plastids also contain RNA.

Does the common cold contain DNA or RNA?

common cold is primarily caused by rhinovirises which contain rna

Do prions contain DNA or RNA?

Prions are an infectious particle made of protein. They do not contain DNA or RNA.

Does RNA contain phosphoric acid?

RNA has phosphoric acids

Does RNA contain deoxyribose?


What does RNA usually contain besides thymine?

RNA does not contain the nitrogen base thymine. There are four nitrogen bases in RNA; adenine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil.

Does RNA contain the genetic code?

RNA contains the genetic code.

Viruses contain DNA and RNA?

Infuenza Virus Contain Both DNA and RNA. No other Virus show such characteristics.

Does Strands of RNA do NOT contain adenine?

No, they contain Uracil instead

Do lysosomes contain RNA?

Lysosomes are membrane-bound organelles that function as the digestive system of the cell. They do not contain their own RNA, but they can hydrolyze proteins, DNA, RNA, polysaccharides and lipids.

Do chromosomes contain RNA?

Yes the chromosome contains both RNA and DNA

What does a ribosome contain?

Ribosomes are made up RNA and proteins.rRNA is the type of RNA.

Does RNA contain genes?


Does RNA contain cytosine?


What sugar does Rna contain?


Does RNA contain ribose?


What base does RNA NOT contain?


Do viruses contain RNA?


Does nucleolus contain DNA?

Yes, the nucleolus of a cell does contain DNA. It also contains RNA and is the site of ribosomal RNA production.