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1879 would make it a "Morgan" dollar.

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Q: What does a 1879 silver dollar look like?
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What does the reverse side of a 1879s silver dollar look like?

1879 would make it a Morgan dollar, which has an eagle on the reverse.

What does a 1879 Morgan silver dollar look like?

All Morgan dollars look the same, they just have different dates and mintmarks. On your browser type in "Morgan dollar" and click on images. This will bring up a lot of pics.

What does Counterfeit 1847 seated silver dollar look like?

An 1847 seated silver dollar = =

What does the feather look like on a silver dollar?

Like an eagle

What does the Betsy Ross silver dollar look like?

No such thing.

What does a silver dollar look like?

That depends on what silver dollar you're talking about. See the related links below for pictures of different US silver dollars.

What does the mint mark on a 1879 silver dollar look like?

1879 would make it a Morgan dollar, so the mint mark is located on the reverse (tails) side, near the bottom, just above the letters "do" in the word "dollar." No mint mark means it's from Philadelphia, S is for San Francisco, O is New Orleans, and CC is Carson City.

What does a 1836 silver dollar look like?

1836 U.S. Silver Dollar type this into your search box and click on images to see one.

What does a 1935 peace silver dollar look like?

It looks the same as any other Peace dollar.

What does a 1796 liberty US dollar look like?

Click on the link in "RELATED LINKS" to see the 1796 silver dollar.

What does a 1939 silver dollar look like?

There's no such thing. The U.S. didn't mint any silver dollars that year.

What does the 1891 silver dollar look like?

In the search box on your home page, type in 1891 silver dollar then click on images, this will bring up a lot of pictures.

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