What does a Chihuahua look like?

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Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. They have large ears for being such a small dog.
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How does a schnauzer and chihuahua breed look like?

Chihuahuas are very small and mini schnauzers can be but standard and giant are obviously bigger. Schnauzers have beards and need grooming regularly whereas chihuahuas can hav

What does a medium haired chihuahua look like?

They are fluffier than the average, shorter haired chihuahuas, buthave the same structure otherwise. Google images would likely be abetter place to ask this question, since it
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What does a chihuahua cross pitbull looks like?

Probably no one knows because no one has tried it but I would imagine either a small pitbull or a large chihuahua with either the mums or the dads features
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What does a brindle colored chihuahua look like?

that type of breed of chihuahua are the colors brown and some of it is black and the nose is black but they could have other color for their tummies such as white ,brown,or bl
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What does a real chihuahua look like?

I Have One...They Are Very Cute.!They Can Be Aggressive And Take A Little While To Get Used To Things...But Depends On What Type Of Chihuahua It Is...The Smallest Is The Teacu