What does a Chihuahua look like?

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Chihuahuas are the smallest dog breed. They have large ears for being such a small dog.
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What toys do chihuahua like?

well most chihuahua lik small fluffly toys.Others lik squeky toys.Although not ALL chihuahuas like squeky toys...........i mean some of them r scared of them........hope this helps....... -GIRGIRL . For most small breeds like the Chihauhua, I find that they like squeaky toys. Just what I think.

Is it more likely for a chihuahua to be gay?

Dogs cannot be gay, dogs do not have any reason to change their sexual preferences. Male on male humping (same with female on female) is a sign of dominance and part of canine interaction.

What does a husky and chihuahua mix dog look like?

It looks like a cute little puppy From Nicole- u might think there really weird looking but there actually really cute cause i saw this guy down town with one and i want one i thought it was a husky puppy or a big chihuahua but its the size of like a big chihuahua and looks a lot like a hus ( Full Answer )

Can you breed a massive dog like a great Dane with a tiny dog like a Chihuahua and what would the ofspring look like?

You could not do female Chihuahua male Great Dane, the size of the puppies would kill the Chihuahua in a matter of weeks. You would have to do a female Great Dane and a male Chihuahua by artificial insemination. I'm not 100% sure, but it should be possible by all means. And there is no way of determ ( Full Answer )

What do chihuahua like to do?

They like to run and play. They are very inquisitive, playful, and loving. I think what probably sets them apart from other dog breeds their size is that they are curious in a shy way. They love spending time with their humans...as I type this mine is nestled in the chair next to me. Anywhere yo ( Full Answer )

What do chihuahuas like to do?

Chihuahuas mainly like to be your best friend. They want to do a lot of things with you. Doing everyday things, like taking them for a car ride will excite them. I know mine loves going to the park and playing with a frisbee. He also likes to stay inside and chase a ball I bounce. They aren't the mo ( Full Answer )

How do chihuahuas like to play?

Chihuahuas like to run, fetch, and play tug. All the things other dogs like to do they like to do, but on a smaller scale.. Mine will play fetch and tug for hours if I'd let her. And she loves to run, when excited she'll do figure 8's at high speed. Because of their small size rough housing with th ( Full Answer )

Is it possible that a chihuahua looks like a miniature pincher?

It could be possible,but not exactly, a purebred chihuahua and mininature pincher may look the same, but their not.Chihuahuas have curled or long tails, a true min pin always has a docked or stubby tail like a doberman pincher,chihuahuas have a more rounded skull, a min pin has kind of a square head ( Full Answer )

Do Chihuahuas like other Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas are actually notorious for their love of their own breed: The Chihuahua. Chihuahuas will quite happily get along with another chihuahua but i dont think other breeds are allowed the same contempt.

Does a chihuahua mix look cute or ugly?

I think it all depends on what it is mixed with. Chihuahua puppies themselves are the cutest...most puppies are cute. So I'd tend to think that a chi mix would have to be cute.

How does a schnauzer and chihuahua breed look like?

Chihuahuas are very small and mini schnauzers can be but standard and giant are obviously bigger. Schnauzers have beards and need grooming regularly whereas chihuahuas can have long or short hair. Both have to be cut or clipped every six or so weeks.

What does a chihuahua dog and lab dog mix look like?

i own dog that i adopted from the Humane Society. Whenever we adopted her they claimed she was a lab chihuahua mix .. she looks like a miniture chocolate lab and also has webbed toes, which i was informed was a charaeristic of a lab.. her eyes are bigger and are not proportionate to her head which i ( Full Answer )

How do you look after a chihuahua?

Yes. Chihuahuas are the most sensitive and always need someone to be there with them. they are like kids.

What are chihuahuas like?

They are the smallest dog in the world and they are very playful if not then agressive. But mostly playful. They are easily spoiled. And most of all real sensitive. They are like having kids they could get their feelings hurt real quick. And you also have to pay fully attention to. I have 6 chis. th ( Full Answer )

What is a basenji chihuahua like?

they are protective and small they are also a mix of a basenji and a chiuaua but these breeds are rare

Why does your chihuahua play like she is digging?

Yes... all the time! Both of my Chihuahuas do this. They will do it for 1 hr straight sometimes. I love watching them dig, I think its sooo cute!! Reminds me of little wild animals digging their huts

Do chihuahuas like other dogs?

It all depends on how you train them, if you train them around other dogs then they will like other dogs, but if you don't then the chances are they wont like other dogs. They do like there own breed though.

What does a chihuahua and English bulldog mix look like?

My english bulldog and chihuahua mix looks sort of like a chihuahua on steroids. She is actually very cute and i get lots of compliments on her and because she came from Tennessee i always tell people shes a Tennessee bulldog. Lol. She is solid white with light brown speckles on her ears and her siz ( Full Answer )

Do chihuahuas like water?

Most dogs can learn to like playing in water. It all depends on whether the dog has good experiences when they are young. Think about it this way. Cats have a reputation of not liking water yet instances can be found where a cat will love hopping into the local swimming pool and playing along with ( Full Answer )

What does a medium haired chihuahua look like?

They are fluffier than the average, shorter haired chihuahuas, buthave the same structure otherwise. Google images would likely be abetter place to ask this question, since it will return actualpictures of the dog instantly.

How do you get a Chihuahua to like you?

Let the chihuahua come to you don`t try to catch it out your hand out and let it smell it it will start liking you you just have to be patient. feed it treats helps im a breeder

What do chihuahuas like?

Chihuahuas like lots of toys some even like toys that are to big for them. Make sure that you are always calm with them and give them a lot of attention .

What is a chihuahuas diet like?

Chihuahuas need an adequate amount of food per day. They need to be fed three to six small meals throughout the day. Feeding a Chihuahua in one or two large meals will make him more prone to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. Feeding him several large meals will cause him to gain weight, which is hard ( Full Answer )

Why do chihuahuas like spit?

Chihuahuas don't like spit at all, actually. They hate it so much. I think they hate spit so much is because they think it's water, plus it comes out of your mouth, which disgust them. I have a Chihuahua myself, so I know. Hope this helps.

What do chihuahua puppies look like when the mom is long haired and the dad is short haired?

Its all based on genetics. You could do this easily with a 'Punnet Square'. Smooth hair (short) is dominent and Long hair is recessive. If both dogs are purebred Long Hair and purebred Short hair, not carrying another gene, odds are, they will all be smooth puppies carrying the recessive gene from t ( Full Answer )

What does a brindle colored chihuahua look like?

that type of breed of chihuahua are the colors brown and some of it is black and the nose is black but they could have other color for their tummies such as white ,brown,or black.

What does a real chihuahua look like?

I Have One...They Are Very Cute.!They Can Be Aggressive And Take A Little While To Get Used To Things...But Depends On What Type Of Chihuahua It Is...The Smallest Is The Teacup Chihuahua...Wich I Have

How does a normal chihuahua spine look?

Don't really know how to answer but, I think this answer would be most useful to you... All Chihuahua spines protrude a bit. It's normal.

What does a Chihuahua mixed with a Yorkshire terrier look like?

Chihuahua Yorkie Mixes are referred to as "Chorkies". The mix of features from each breed results in a pretty cute little dog. The "concentration", or dominant breed traits depend on parentage (are both parents purebred, is one parent purebred and the other half and half, etc.). You can search "chor ( Full Answer )

Are chihuahua warriors real like Beverly Hills chihuahua?

Yes, Chihuahua Warriors WERE true. A chihuahua's history is a mistery. Some say, chihuahuas were brought here from China, others say Mexico. Chihuahuas use to fight by there owners side in riots. They were also secret messengers. People would hide letters for each other in the chihuahua's collar and ( Full Answer )

What is the weather like in the Chihuahua Desert?

In the summer the temperature can exceed 100 degrees and can even exceed 115 degrees F in some locations. Late day thunderstorms are common during the monsoon which begins in mid June and runs until the end of September. In winter the night temperatures can be a bit chilly but the days are usually ( Full Answer )