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1998 Ford ranger 2.5 4 cylinder

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Q: What does a PZ19 oil filter fit?
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What engine uses pz19 oil filter?

Ford Aerostar

What fram oil filter cross references with a pz19?

It should be a 3600.

What does car quest oil filter r85372 fit?

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What does Defense oil filter DL8A fit?

defense oil filter fit to

What does a MI 104 oil filter fit?

what does a mobil mi 104 oil filter fit

What does a stp filter s10590 fit?

at does stp s10590 oil filter fit

What does the Deutch D367 oil filter fit?

a oil filter part of the car

What does PF52 oil filter fit?

pf 52 oil filter fits what

What car does a purolator L15313 fit?

Purlator l15313 oil filter what dose it

What vehicle does a mgl51334 microgard oil filter fit?

[object Object]

What does a super tech oil filter part st16 fit?

i purchased a ST16 oil filter...will it fit my Toyota pu truck?

What engine does an AC Delco oil filter PF61E fit?

Does acdelco oil filter pf61e fit a 4.2l gmc envoy

What does a deutsch D432 oil filter fit?

Will the Deutsch D 432 oil filter fit a Ford engine

What cars use purolator oil filter l14610?

What auto does Purolator oil filter L14610 fit

What does a NAPA 21036 oil filter fit?

What vehicle does it fit on

What does a wix 51348 oil filter fit?

Standard Chrysler passenger car oil filter.

What does a s3387a oil filter fit?


What vechile does an stp s2 oil filter fit?

The STP S2 oil filter will fit on to several General Motors older engines. The filter will fit on to the Chevrolet 327 and the Chevrolet 283.

What does pf53 fit?

What does pf16 oil filter fit

What does a mgl51036 oil filter fit?

What dose mgl51036 fit ford or a

What does a Fram PH30 oil filter fit?

list model # ph30 fram oil filter fits

What does pennzoil oil filter PZ -9A fit?

pz-9a pennzoil filter what does it fit

What does Pennzoil oil filter PZ-9a fit?

pz-9a pennzoil filter what does it fit

What does napa 1374 oil filter fit?

onan marquis 5500 generator

What does a fram oil filter ph 8170 fit?

PH8170 is a lawn tractor oil filter...

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What engine does a Pennzoil PZ-19 fit?

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