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What does a betta fish need to survive?


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Betta fish live in water that is 20 or 22 degree C.I know so because I have my own Betta fish.


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No, betta fish will fight to the death. Some mate then fight to the death.

Well to survive they need their sleep like us humans need it

A betta fish can survive up to two weeks without foodA betta fish can survive up to two weeks without food

Eddy will disagree with me, but Betta fish can survive very well without a filter.

A Siamese fighting fish/betta? Yes! They cannot survive in salt water.

of course you do you need the fish to have WATER because every fish in the world needs water so the betta fish needs it to,to live so the betta fish does need a FILTER

By staying out of another betta fish's territory.

usually, no. They are adapted for life in mountain streams with little oxygen.

Betta fish can be kept in either a tank or a bowl.

No betta fish cannot survive with a calla lily because the plant is basically poisoning the fish

A small fish bowl should be fine for one betta fish.

Tap water is the best water for betta fish! There is no need to go out and buy expensive betta fish's no different then tap! If you want to be sure that the tap water is safe for your betta, put in some sort of conditioner for the water.

bigger fish. well, not so big that the beta can get eaten. beta fish are better kept by their self.

Into water, yes. Land, probably.

Betta fish are born in Asia and do not need a filter to live! Just clean their tank once a week.

No they don't i had Betta fish for 2 years and never used a heater to breed them.

A betta fish tatto would be a tattoo of a betta fish.

in order for a betta to live with glo fish there needs to be at least 6 glo fish. they also need to be in the tank for at least an hour before the betta is put in the tank.

Fish need oxygen to survive, there is oxygen in water.

It is best that all fish have a filter besides Betta fish. Betta fish don't need filters cause the filter pushes them over with their big fins. Goldfish should have a filter on there tank because they are often overfed. If you have a filter you won't have to change the water as often. The only fish that shouldn't have a filer in captivity are Betta fish.

yes in fact if your home is at 76 to 84 degrees or a little bit lower betta fish can survive without a water heater.

You should feed your betta fish about 6 days a week, and never too much food. An overfed betta is an unhealthy one

At least several minutes; however it is extremely stressful for the fish and not a recommended practice.

betta fish are pretty easy to take care of. water small tank, a plant and a light. and betta food

other Betta fish and the bigger fish.

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