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What does a black swan tattoo symbolize?

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A black swan tattoo can symbolize man different things. It could symbolize that the owner of it is peaceful and graceful. Swans are mainly known to symbolize grace.

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What does a black armband tattoo symbolize?


What does a black heart tattoo symbolize?

The Black Heart tattoo commonly illustrates grief or morning, or "dark nights of the soul".

Ace of spades tattoo symbolize?

It shows a white woman's preference for black men.

What does a black rose tattoo symbolize?

I work at a tattoo shop, and the answer we would give is "nothing, they just look cool tattooed." Hope this helps!

What does a black cat silhouette tattoo symbolize?

a black cat with hairs on end and an arched back represents anarchy i was told.

What does a black swan symbolize?

Normally it is referred to a large event of some sort. For example, the discovery of electricity.

What does black rabbit tattoo symbolize?

I read in some erotic stories, that a black rabbit (bunny) tattoo was a low key method to inform others they are only interested in having sexual encounters with black men.

What company has a black swan logo?

The Black Swan is a very popular logo. Quite a number of companies around the world, use it. Among the better known ones are: Black Swan Records Black Swan State Theatre Company Black Swan Solar Black Swan Brand Cheasapeak Bay Oyster Black Swan Cooperage Black Swan Real Estate Black Swan Press Black Swan Dynamics Black Swan Development Black Swan Anatomy Black Swan Winery Black Swan Financial Black Swan Inn

What does a black wristband tattoo symbolize?

im not sure what one black wristband symbolizes but if you have 2 in japan it means you have murdered someone

What does an orchid tattoo symbolize?

an orchid is a beautifull, exotic and rare flower that's what it symbolize but it can be what ever you wnat is your tattoo

What does a kingfisher tattoo symbolize?

It can symbolize a well practiced huntsman.

What does a dagger tattoo symbolize?

A dagger tattoo symbolizes death.

What does a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder symbolize?

There are an unlimited number of things that a butterfly tattoo on the left shoulder could symbolize. It could symbolize peace for example.

What does a butterfly koi tattoo symbolize?

A butterfly koi tattoo can symbolize a great many things. A butterfly koi can symbolize faith, trust, hope, and love.

What does a purple dragonfly tattoo symbolize?

Purple is a color of royalty. Dragonflies symbolize good luck. A purple dragonfly tattoo is therefore a very good tattoo to have.

What does black sun tattoo symbolize?

The black sun represents the end of something old and the beginning of something new,like a rebirth or reawakening.

Who is the black swan in Swan Lake?

Odile is the black swan in swan lake.

What do Tattoo of scales symbolize?

A Scales tattoo could symbolize justice, or the person with the ink could believe in astrology and be a Libra.

What does a earth and moon tattoo symbolize?

Moon tattoos often symbolize motion and change. A tattoo of the earth can symbolize many things, however, it best symbolizes life.

What does a fishbone tattoo symbolize?

A fish bone tattoo symbolizes high status. The fish bone tattoo was popular among Native American tribes to symbolize their ranking.

What does a wolf tattoo symbolize?

Symbolism of a Wolf TattooWell, that you're tough. And your spirit is free. Just like a wolf's. and also that you wanna be Jacob Black from Twilight :)

What does a crown tattoo symbolize?

A tattoo crown symbolizes authority and loyalty

What does a Polynesian tattoo symbolize?

It depends on the design and symbol's you choose in the tattoo.

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What does a chrysanthemum tattoo symbolize?