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What does a blue lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

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It stands for "goodness" The Blue Lotus symbolizes the victory of the spirit over the senses; of the wisdom of knowledge.

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What does the lotus flower symbolise and does the colour of the lotus flower change the meaning?

The lotus flower symbolizes sexual purity and non-attachment. When the petals of the flower are depicted as open it is said to symbolize one's soul growing and expanding. The blue lotus is said to symbolize rebirth, wisdom, and knowledge. The white flower is said to symbolize being awakened and spiritual purity and perfection. The purple flower symbolizes the eight noble truths of Buddhism. The pink flower represents Buddhism. The red flower represents the heart.

What does blue symbolize in a dragon tattoo?

it symbolizes being a fairy

What does a blue light bulb tattoo symbolize?

A K-Mart Sales junkie.

What does the lotus flower have to do with getting stoned?

Nothing really. The blue lotus reputedly has some hypnotic psychoactive properties, when ingested.

Where is the light blue lotus flower and fantage?

It's in the Right of the Wizards Domains.

What does a blue rose tattoo symbolize?

it symbols impossibility, or I see it as desiring something you can never have or achieve

What does a blue jay tattoo symbolize?

The bluejay tattoo does hold a variety of different meanings. The bluejay tattoo represents several positive meanings in general. It basically means someone who is protective.

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery, romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fish symbolizes calmness, and peace.

Can you get drunk if you it a lotus flower?

The term lotus can be papplied to seveal different plants. The Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) also known as Blue water lily or Egyptian lotus. It The Egyptians used this the flower for its healing qualities. Today some that the plant cssan be used as a recreational drug when steeped in wine). Nelumbo nucifrta (Pink Lotus) is reported to have similar intoxicating effects and is mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. This is cocntradicted by its use as a food plant by some cultures.

What is the meaning of the lotus flower in Ancient Egyptian culture?

there is two specific colors of lotus flower in ancient Egypt; the white lotus, the blue lotus (which was native to the country), and the pink lotus which was introduced to ancient Egypt from Persia in the late period. It became a symbol for the sun, creation, and rebirth since it closes at night and sinks underwater and by morning it rises above water and blooms again.

What are the ingredients for Black Magic Smoke?

Damiana, Blue Lotus, Passion flower, Baybean, Lemon Grass, Dwarf skull cap, Indian Pennyworth, Marshmallow, Pink Lotus.

Does color matter for the lotus tattoo?

well most lotus flowers are white. What artists will do is make the floewr a really light purple or light blue (depending on the design) and then outline it with white so it gives it the illusion that it is a white flower. White is a hard color when it comes to tattooing because it does not hold to skin well. but some artists will drill it into you and it will hold pretty well. but when doing a lotus, use white as the outline and a light purple for the inside. it will look like a white flower :] good luck

What does color symbolize in a dragon tattoo?

yellow or gold is the colour of the most powerful Chinese dragonsthats why i got my tattoo yellow the other colour depend on where the dragon livesie aquatic blue

What does a blue koi tattoo symbolise?

Koi symbolize strength and courage. Black Koi, the father; Orange/Red, the mother; Blue/White for a boy; and red/pink for a girl.

Does blue lotus extract 50X show up in a drug test?

No there is no test for blue lotus

Does blue lotus extract show up in drug tests?

Yes it does. I got arrested before on blue lotus.

What does the color purple symbolize in Buddhism?

A purple lotus flower is used to indicate the mystical aspects of Buddhism.The Lotus Blossom is one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism.The lotus is rooted in deep mud and its stem grows through murky water. But the blossom rises above the muck and opens in the sun, beautiful and fragrant. In Buddhism, the lotus represents the true nature of beings, who rise through samsara into the beauty and clarity of enlightenment. The color of the lotus also has significance:White: Mental and spiritual purityRed: The heart, compassion and loveBlue: Wisdom and control of the sensesPink: The historical BuddhaPurple: Mysticism

What do blue whales symbolize?

In dreams, Blue Whales usually symbolize healing, or peace

What tattoo has the meaning good luck?

Green clovers, purple horseshoes, blue diamonds, yellow moons, red balloons, etc. Look at a box of Luckycharms, if you can't figure out what images symbolize good luck, don't get a tattoo.

How many pages does Curse of the Blue Tattoo have?

Curse of the Blue Tattoo has 496 pages.

How much does a blue hibiscus flower tattoo cost?

i got mine done for about £50, and got it outlined and coloured in one sitting. :D

Is blue lotus harmful?

i Belive not

Is Blue Lotus addictive?


What does a blue five-point star tattoo symbolize?

Star tattoos have multiple meanings and are subjective based on the person. The most common type in Nautical stars.

What flower is blue flower by Georgia O'Keeffe meant to be?

its meant to be a blue flower