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probably carpal tunnel. Go here: If your numbness and tingling is in all 5 fingers, then it is not a nerve problem, its a vascular problem. This excludes carpal tunnel. Carpel tunnel is only the thumb and the second and third fingers (the supply of the median nerve.) If all 5 fingers are numb and tingly, then it is a vascular problem, more than likely due to a biomechanical misalignment in the shoulder, or hypertonic muscles in the neck or upper pectoral region. The vessels that supply blood to the hand must pass through a series of muscles in the neck, clavicle, chest, shoulder area. If a muscle is too tight or a biomechanical misalignment is causing the vessels to stretch, then you'll be missing out on proper blood supply to the hand. This presents as a "pins and needles" or numbness. You can surgically cut your flexor retinaculm, as in carpal tunnel treatment, but you can't unboil a hard boiled egg. Why don't you try conservative treatment first. A chiropractor is the professional answer for you. They can deal with any of these problems and then some. If your problem is in your thumb and second and third fingers....or if it is in your last two fingers, then it is a problem with a nerve. Even then, most of the time, an adjustment to the bones of the wrist can clear it right up. It won't hurt to try a chiro first. If that doesn't work, then you can permanetly cut your wrist.

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Q: What does a burning and tingling feeling on the right hand mean while typing and staying in the same position for about 4 hours?
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