What does a clear polish do?

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Clear nail polish is a special coat of nail polish to protect the other coat of nail polish

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The clear coat or better known as clear nail polish.

It is a coat that is clear before they put the polish on.

The chemical compounds that make up the clear liquid kills your nail

can clear nail polish prevent fashion jewelry from tarnishing?

No, You Would Need To Get A Special Nail Polish To Do That. Clear Nail polish Is Used Either As A Base Coat Or A Top Coat Or A Nail Strengthener.

Clear nail polish is great if you want your nails to look shiny and feel smooth without actually wearing a colored nail polish. Also, applying clear nail polish over a nail polish color you are wearing preserves the colored nail polish for a longer amount of time.

Take a clear polish and add kool aid packets to it

The reason is not that the nail polish is clear, it's just that the nail polish is cheap or crappy. Try getting nail polish from a different company, because some nail polishes just do that.

add clear nail polish to it or them

nail paint or polish, clear nail polish

Clear coat of nail polish

Try putting a clear polish over your natural nail, then leave it for a week and use nail polish remover on them.

Yes, there are quite a number of us who do wear clear polish, for one reason or another. Wearing clear polish is not a gender issue; most of us are straight, normal men who either like the look, are attracted to our manicurist, or are trying to prevent our nails from becoming damaged.

You Will Need :1 . White Eyeshadow (Preferably Pigmented)2 . Hard Surface3 . Clear Nail PolishStep One : Put Some White Eyeshadow Into The Clear Nail polish . (Amount Depends On How White You Want It)Step Two : Put The Top Back Onto The Clear Polish , And Shake It Until Mixture Is All DissolvedStep Three : Apply The Polish , With Satisfaction .: )

There's no need to attempt to make a clear nail polish when there are so many you can buy. Just go to the store and buy a clear nail polish, or something like base coat or top coat.

About 10 minutes but it depends what nail polish it is i find that clear nail polish drys quicker.. you can but nail polish spray which makes it dry faster xx

It's nail polish specially for french manicure, which is a manicure designed to resemble our natural nails. Hence, french nail polish consists of nudes, white, and clear polish. The consistency of the polish is also more sheer compared to regular polish.

with clear nail polish or tooth paste

Quite a few men wear it.

No but my dad thinks it does!


you can also use clear nail polish to remove colorful nail polish but sometimes it might not work but it works for me all the time.

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