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The Client is the computer or device requesting data from the Server, which is a computer hosting the data. It works through a network protocol, more than likely TCP/IP.

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Q: What does a client server network provide and how does it work?
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What is a client PC?

what is the fuction of a client Pc The client is a function in a Client/Server on a network. you can be a Client in school or work or at home..

How much important is a processor in a client computer of a client-server network?

no much because all the work is processed at the server level and result are sent to client

What is computer centralization?

computer centralization is act like client server architecture. the different between centralization and client server is centralization is distribution network , any one can access the network. for example ATM system. client server architecture is not distribution network , it works inside the organization . for example between two floors communication. simply we can call centralization is work in WAN technology and client server architecture work on LAN technology.

What must a network adapter support on the client computer for the WDS server to work?

Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)

Disadvantages of a server based network?

If server dies, all network doesn't work.

How does aspnet work?

Asp.Net is client server architecture.

Configuration of Windows Server?

For situations where there are work group computers that are fed by a main computer, Windows server software is able to configure and control the network. The client computers can receive programs and applications from the server computer. The tasks of the server computer includes recognizing each of the client computers as specific machines within the server's domain. The server computer can dispense print permissions and application permissions to each of the client computers.

How chrome work?

Chrome is a web browser which works the client-server way. It receives data from client and gets it to the server and vice versa.

What is a workstation server?

work station is a server which is help us to connect network

What has the author Jeri Edwards written?

Jeri Edwards has written: '3-Tier Server/Client at Work' '3-tier client/server at work' -- subject(s): Client/server computing, Distributed databases, Business, Data processing, Computacao (metodologia e tecnicas)

How does a server work in general terms?

Generally, a server works by responding to requests across a computer network to provide a network service. Most servers run on a dedicated computer but others can run by using many networked computers.

What does server side relate to in the computer industry?

In the computer industry, server side refers to the operations performed by a server in a server-client computer relationship. The server side typically handles many functions to lighten the load of the client side's work.

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