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Two or more (to thousands) computers set up to be able to talk to each other, share files and/or peripherals. (You're on one now.)

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Q: What does a computer network consists of?
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A consists of personal devices at close range such as a cell phone PDA and notebook computer in communication?

A personal area network or PAN consists of personal devices at close range such as a cell phone, PDA, and notebook computer in communication. This computer network is used to transmit data among devices.

Configuration of computer system and network?

A typical network configuration consists of a host server that is connected to computer systems, laptops, and printers. These connections can be done wirelessly is the systems are all in relative proximity to the router.

The computer's processor consists of what parts?

The computer's processor consists of what parts?

How do you do study of computer network?

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Definition of computer network?

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What is a network of a computer?

the computer network is the communicate with one device into another device it's called the computer network.

What should be in a good computer network tutorial?

The components and guidelines in making a good computer network tutorial are the definitions of computer network tutorial, the basics of computer network tutorial and the other guidelines and specifics of computer network tutorials.

What is computer network topologies?

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What is another name for computer on a network?

Intergalactic Computer Network

What is NUFNET as a classification of computer network?

nufnet as a computer network

What is computer network draw and explain catagiries of computer networking?

diagram and network of computer

What is a computer on a network that requests from another computer?

The computer on a network that requests from another computer is called the client.

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