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it moves organelles (cell parts like: mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum etc.) around. it is just a gell like substance that moves the cell parts around.

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Q: What does a cytoplasm to in the cell?
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The cytoplasm of a cell is?

The cytoplasm of a cell is

How many other cells is there in a cytoplasm?

none. a cytoplasm is IN A CELL. a cell is NOT IN A CYTOPLASM.

What encloses cytoplasm of a cell?

The cytoplasm of a cell is enclosed in the cell membrane.

Does a plant cell have cytoplasm?

Yes, a plant cell has cytoplasm, as does an animal cell.

What is a structure surrounded by cytoplasm?

In an animal cell the cytoplasm is surrounded by the cell membrane. In a plant cell the cytoplasm is surrounded first by the cell membrane and then the cell wall.

What does cytoplasm do in a cell?

Cytoplasm is the environment in which the organelles sit in a cell.

Where in the cell does cytoplasm occur?

Cytoplasm is the fluid that the cell is full of...

How does the cytoplasm support the cell?

the cytoplasm is the liquid in which the cell thrive

Do the cytoplasm support the cell?

yes the cytoplasm does support the cell

What cell does not contain cytoplasm?

Every cell contains cytoplasm

What type cell is a cytoplasm?

Cytoplasm isn't a type of cell.

Is cytoplasm in eukaryotic cell?

yes,cytoplasm is in the eukaryotic cell

Is cytoplasm partally permeable?

The cytoplasm is the fluid contained within a cell. The cell membrane is the barrier that encloses the cytoplasm. The cell membrane is partially permiable, not the cytoplasm.

What keep the cytoplasm in the cell?

The cell membrane and cell wall keep the cytoplasm inside a cell.

What is the cytoplasm of the cell and where is it located?

The cytoplasm is the liquid matrix that is present within the cell. The cytoplasm supports the cell organelles and is enclosed within the cell membrane

How cytoplasm kept inside the cell without mixing with the cytoplasm of other cells?

The cell membrane surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell and defines the boundaries of the cell.

Were s the cytoplasm in the palisade cell?

the cytoplasm in a palisade cell is around the vacuole of the cell

Where is the cytoplasm found in the cell?

Cytoplasm is the liquid within the cell. It is essentially everywhere in the cell.

What does cytoplasm do of a cell?

the cytoplasm is where all of the other partsof the cell "live", the cytoplasm is like jelly, and the other parts of the cell float in it.

When will a cytoplasm of a cell divide?

cytoplasm fo a cell divides right after cell division.The process of cytoplasm differs in plants and animals

What is an analogy for cytoplasm?

Cytoplasm is a water rich substance that is inside of a cell that surrounds the entire contents of that cell. It will liquify if shaken vigorously. Cytoplasm is made up of proteins and molecules for it to survive. The organelle and molecule within the cell touches the cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is to cell as bones are to humans, if there is no cytoplasm, there is no consistency of the cell.

What are analogies for cytoplasm?

The cytoplasm could be called the inside of a factory. Cytoplasm is the inside of a cell. The cytoplasm could be called the inside of a factory. Cytoplasm is the inside of a cell.

Where is the cytoplasm located?

The cytoplasm is the fluid inside the cell.the cytoplasm is located between the Nucleus and the Cell membrane

What cell has cytoplasm?

cytoplasm is the object between the cell membrane and the nucleus.

What is the cytoplasm in a cell?

The cytoplasm is a jellylike substances found throughout the cell.