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There are several different kinds of doubling that can be found on coins -- whether it's caused by a doubled image on the die used to stamp the coin, or caused by excessive wear or damage to the die, or caused by the coin being actually stamped twice, or caused by other reasons.

There is an excellent web page that explains the different kinds of doubling (with pictures) here :

Dan Moore The Working Man's Rare Coins

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Q: What does a double stamped penny look like?
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What does a 1955 double die penny look like?

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How can you tell a 1909 penny from a 1909 replica penny?

There is no easy way to convey in text what you have to really look for. The first thing to do is look if "COPY" or "REPLICA" is stamped on the coin, if that is on it, the coin is a replica and has no collector value. If it doesn't have that stamped in, compare its dimensions to a normal penny, if all that works, I'd take it in to a reputable coin dealer and see if he can tell you if it is a replica or not.

What does a 1958 double die wheat penny look like?

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What does a 1863 confederate penny look like?

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What does a penny look like in decimal form?


What does the 1921 Canadian penny look like?

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How is a 10 dollar bill of 1988 look like?

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What does Puerto Rico's penny look like?

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What is the value of a 1964 penny that has a fingerprint actually stamped into the coin?

It's worth a whole cent. The fingerprint isn't stamped in but was etched when someone handled it with dirty fingers. Over time, the oils from your skin will react with the metal in the coin, actually eating into the surface of the coin, which may make it look like the fingerprint was stamped into the coin. This is considered damage to the coin and can easily make the coin worthless to collectors.

What does a 1967 British Penny look like?

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How can you tell if you have a real double die 1986 dd Lincoln penny?

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How did your 2003 penny get to look like silver?

Cents dated from 1982-present are made out of copper plated zinc. If you strip off the plating either by chemical means or simply scraping it off, the penny will look like silver. Of course, you can also plate the penny with silver. These do not raise the coin's value and its only worth a penny.

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