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What is the value of a 1964 penny that has a fingerprint actually stamped into the coin?


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It's worth a whole cent. The fingerprint isn't stamped in but was etched when someone handled it with dirty fingers. Over time, the oils from your skin will react with the metal in the coin, actually eating into the surface of the coin, which may make it look like the fingerprint was stamped into the coin. This is considered damage to the coin and can easily make the coin worthless to collectors.


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A Buffalo Nickel stamped on a penny is worth $800.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a ZN penny is worth $70.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a CU penny is worth $60.00.

i have a penny ,the back is stamped ,the front is slightly stamped like an outline of the face , maybe 2 numbers ,very hard to see

The state was stamped on it after it left the mint. It has no collector value -- novelty value is perhaps 25 cents.

No. A stamped autograph is not an autograph. It has zero value.

The value of a 1970 Canadian penny is likely to be only one cent Canadian. Unless the penny was stamped incorrectly or has some other very unique characteristic, chances are that it has no value as a collectible and is only worth a penny.

They are worth about 6 or 7 dollars the last time I checked. I have a bunch of them. Quarters are worth about 15 dollars. I once had a penny with a nickel stamped on it, I sold it for $80.

The out line of the US was put on the coin after it was made and is a novelty item. It has no collectible value.

No, no genuine Indian Head penny is stamped "COPY" on the reverse, or obverse. All such examples are replicas containing no collector value. The only value that such coins have is the value of what they are made out of.

The coin is only one cent, the counter stamped date adds nothing to the value.

Soundslike a magician's coin -- worth a couple of dollars.

One cent. It's a privately-made novelty item.

2 or 3 cents for the copper. 1 cent face value for the coin. Anything added to a coin post minting, such as a "G" stamped on it ruins the coins value to a collector.

This is a novelty coin not made by the US mint and has no collectible value.

What is the largest value for a 1951 wheat freemason penny

This coin needs to be seen for an accurate assessment, take it to a dealer for a better idea of value.

About 5 cents. Steel pennies aren't nearly as valuable as most people believe.

It's worthless just a cent actually

The Indiana stamp on it does not increase the value, in fact, if the coin had some numismatic value prior to being stamped the addition of the stamp would decrease the value. If it is just a common date penny I would just spend it or you can keep it. There may be a value for it in maybe, 300 years.

Yep! Depending on how much of it is left unstamped, the value range from $2 to $10.

This type of error of misstruck coins is called 'Brockage'. A Lincoln penny with this error is valued at $35.00

Not sure. I have a 1974 penny with a baseball batter and pitcher stamped in front of lincolns face. The batter's jersey ends in 'TS' Any idea what this coin is?

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