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Smoking and dehydration (as well as rarer medical conditions, such as hemochromatosis) can make for high Hgb levels.

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Q: What does a high haemoglobin level mean?
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Haemoglobin in animals?

the normal value of blood haemoglobin level in animals

What is the haemoglobin content in calves?

The Haemoglobin Level in Calves is 11.92 g/dl.

Does dry figs affect diabetic patients?

Eat dry figs to improve the haemoglobin level. Eat dry figs to improve the haemoglobin level. Eat dry figs to improve the haemoglobin level.

What is the normal level of haemoglobin in a male?

The normal level of haemoglobin in the blood for an adult male is 14-16.5 g/dL.

How do you find out you have cancer?

yr haemoglobin level will b low

What does it mean when your thyriod is high?

my thyriod blood level is high. what does this mean

What does mch stand for?

mean corpuscular haemoglobin

Is 11.2 haemoglobin very low?

The normal haemoglobin level in an adult male is 13-18gm/100ml of blood whereas in an adult female the normal haemoglobin level is 11.5-16.5 gm/100ml of blood. So for a woman 11.2 is not very low but for a man it is low.

What does mastered mean?

have a advanced or a high level

What does TSH level 3.89 mean?

is a 3.89 tsh level high?

What is the reason for high hemoglobin?

Our bodies need haemoglobin to help produce red blood cells in our bodies. Without haemoglobin, we may become anemic.

What is MCHC in haematology blood test?

mean corpuscular haemoglobin

Why do people who live at high altitudes have rosy cheeks?

because they have high haemoglobin for maintenance of oxygen in body

What does having a high PSA level mean?

Having a high PSA level can mean you are at a greater than average risk of developing prostate cancer.

What does high protein level in the blood mean?

my level is 8.5 g/DL

What is a sea level?

Sea level means at the mean level between high and low tides.

Is 8.3 is normal hemoglobin level?

No, 8.3 is not the normal level of haemoglobin in the blood. The normal haemoglobin content in adult male is 13-18 gm/100 ml of blood and 11.5-16.5gm/100ml of blood in adult female.

What do high immunoglobulin qn levels mean?

A high immunoglobulin QN level (quantative level) could mean a variety of things. This might mean that you have a problem with your immune system. It could also mean you have a low level of plasma cells, or high levels of red blood cells.

What does a high gamma glutamyl transferase level mean?

A high HGGT level can mean blocked flow of bile. If the blockage is inside the liver the bilirubiin will not be elevated.

What color is haemoglobin?

haemoglobin is blue in colour

What does high mean corpuscular hgb mean?

Is mean corpuscular hgb level 28.2 ok?

What does having High Anxiety mean?

High anxiety means that a person has a high level of stress and worry.

What does a high level of ornithine mean?

my levels of ornithineare 147 what do I do

What does high above sea level mean?

It is normally used in describing, or direction. It means the location is "high above the sea level"...

What does a high MO level mean?

MO is an acronym for 'method of operation' or, alternatively, 'motivation'. A high MO basically refers to having a high motivational level.