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What does a hypothalamus do?

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It maintain body temperature,osmoregulation,hunger,thirst,sleep,awake etc.It produce many hormones.

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What part of speech is hypothalamus?

Hypothalamus is a noun.

What is a sentence using the word Hypothalamus?

Hypothalamus is one of many glands. Hypothalamus is very important due to many reasons.

How do you use the word hypothalamus in a sentence?

My hypothalamus must be out of whack. The hypothalamus is located inside of the human skull.

Is hypothalamus an endocrine gland?

=No, hypothalamus is not an endocrine gland=

What hormone is not produced by the hypothalamus?

Adrenalin is not produced by the hypothalamus.

Is the hypothalamus in the midbrain?

No. The hypothalamus is located in the diencephalon of the brain.

What is the inferior part of the diencephalon?

The two parts are the thalamus and the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is beneath the thalamus, so the answer to your question is the hypothalamus.

What does the hypothalamus control?

The hypothalamus gland controls the body temperature.

Size of hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is approximately the same size as an almond!

Hypothalamus is composed of what?

The hypothalamus is composed of brain tissues or neurons.

What is the opposite of the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is a region of the forebrain that coordinates the autonomic nervous system and the activity of the pituitary. There is no opposite or antonym if you like for hypothalamus.

What is the gland in the brain that tell you to eat?

hypothalamus glan hypothalamus glan

What does the hypothalamus do in the endocrine system?

The hypothalamus aids in regulation of the body's temperature.

What is the the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus controls temperture, hunger, thirst, and sex appeal

Location of hypothalamus?

Hypothalamus is located on the basal part of diencephalon of forebrain

Where are the thalamus and hypothalamus found?

The thalamus and hypothalamus are found in the human brain.

Does the pituitary gland control the hypothalamus?

No, the hypothalamus controls the pituitary gland

The hypothalamus is in what system?

The hypothalamus is a part of both the endocrine and the nervous system.

The spatial relationship between the hypothalamus and thalamus?

The hypothalamus is below the thalamus.

What are the physiological components involved in hunger?

Ventromedial hypothalamus and the lateral hypothalamus.

Is the hypothalamus anterior to the pituitary gland?

The hypothalamus is superior to the pituitary gland.

What is another word for hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that governs metabolic processes and is located beneath the thalamus. There does not appear to be another word for the hypothalamus.

What structures are in the floor of the hypothalamus occupied by?

The hypothalamus forms the floor of the third ventricle.

Does the hypothalamus relay sensory inputs?

No, the thalamus relays sensory inputs, not the hypothalamus.

What consists of the thalamus hypothalamus and epithalamus?

The diencephalon consists of thalamus, hypothalamus, and epithalamus.

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