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What does a la playa mean in spanish?

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a = to

la = the

playa = beach

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What does the word La Playa mean in spanish?

La playa is "The beach" in english

What is the spanish word for beach?

La playa La playa literally means THE beach and una playa literally means A beach. Vamos a la playa - We go to the beach Me gusta la playa - I like the beach

What does playa mean in spanish?

playa translates to "beach".

What does playa mean in English?

If you mean playa like the spanish word, then it means beach.

What does esponola mean in spanish?

española means: Spaniard or Spanish (use it only with feminine words) española also means Spaniard girl (a girl from Spain) some examples: la Industria Española (the Spanish Industry) la Bolsa Española ( the Spanish Stock Market) la Playa Española (the Spanish beach) la Cultura Española (the Spanish culture) Industria, Bolsa, Playa and Cultura are all feminine words,

How do you say fun at the beach in spanish?

(Did you have) fun at the beach? = Te disfrutaste en la playa? (singular informal) Se disfruto usted en la playa? (singular formal) Os disfrutasteis en la playa? (plural informal) Se disfrutaron ustedes en la playa? (plural formal) diversion en la playa = fun at the beach

Is 'Vamos a la playa' an Italian phrase?

¡Vamos a la playa! is not an Italian phrase because it is the Spanish equivalent of "Let's go to the beach!" in English.

How do you say beach house in spanish?

I think it is La casa de playa

What does la playa hoy mean?

It means, "the beach today"

What does a la mean in spanish?

a (which means to) + la (which means the) = a la (which means to the)For example if there's a sentence that says: Yo camino a la playa.It means: I walk to the beach. Sorry I changed it it's el museo not la museo.

What does this mean in English Claro que no No you gusta la playa No voy a la playa siempre?

Please check the ortografy to give sense to the sentence, I'll try with this one: Claro que no. Of course not. No te gusta la playa? Don't you like the beach? No, voy a la playa siempre. No, I always go to the beach. No voy a la playa siempre. I don't always go to the beach.

What does you gusta la playa?

Gust la playa means 'it likes the beach'.

Do you live on the beach in spanish?

¿Vive / viven / vives / vivís en la costa / playa?

What does playa desert mean?

A playa when referring to a desert is a dry lake bed that only has water durig periods of heavy rain. Playa is a Spanish word meaning beach.

When was En la playa created?

En la playa was created on 2011-11-29.

How do you say im going to the beach in spanish?

Voy a la playa (boy ah lah PLAHyah)

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