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I would assume a love of the ocean, swimming or mermaids even a vacation to or being from a place near the ocean that they want to remember. Tattoos do not have to symbolize anything or can have multiple meanings. It is relative to and only to the person they are on. Only that person would know the specific reasoning behind why she or he got whatever tatttoo they choose to get. A person for example can have a tattoo of Ariel. This could mean anything including the reasons listed above as well as specifically a love of the cartoon or book character, Ariel. Or the person might be named Ariel or have a girlfriend, child with that name, or a child who loves Ariel or mermaids. As long as anyone can walk into a tattoo parlour see a pretty piece of flash on the wall and say I want that, it's hard to assume that the tattoo means anything at all to the wearer. Answer 2: Just some interesting topics on Mermaids: Mermaid - female Merman - Male This symbol could also represent 'Derceto', or 'Atargatis' she was a Syrian deity and was the goddess of fish. She was half woman from the waist up and half fish from the waist down [Mermaid]. And 'Dagon', Chief god of the Philistines. Dagon was half man from the waist up and half fish from the waist down [Merman]. He was also worshipped by the Canaanite people. Dagon was the father of Baal. Answer 3:

it is believed that mermaids used to suduce sailors to steal their treasure so most getting a mermaid tattoo means you see yourself as a suductrice.

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The mermaid represents first of all a woman's beauty and power. Mysterious, feminine and very seductive

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Q: What does a mermaid tattoo symbolize?
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