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I don't quite get what it is that you are asking. Would you re-phrase the question?

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Q: What does a nice caring romantic and loveless guy feel toward girls?
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What do girls find best in a guy?

Some common traits are: * Sympathy. * A caring nature. * A sense of humour. * Attractive looks. * Compassion. * Romantic.

What kind of girls do you like?

I like girls that are honest. I like girls who are caring.

Are girls more romantic than boys?

The ability to be romantic is down to personality, not gender. Both are equally romantic.

What do girls think of boys who are senstive and caring from the start?

All girls have their own individual preferences and opinions but in most cases girls like guys to be sensitive as well as caring but don't over do it or be overbearing.

What girls like for boys to do?

Girls what boys to be honest, loving, romantic! Girls want boys to hug them from behind because its romantic! Girls want to know that the by they have can protect them and be with them through good times and bad times! xx

Who has the most care boys or girls?

Both boys and girls are equally capable of caring.

Do girls like romantic songs?

yes, girls do if the song is being sang by a boy.

Girls In Their Summer Dresses Themes?

romantic love

Is Nick Jonas romantic?

He is known for being romantic and sensitive. Some of his romantic sayings are: "I always have to pay on dates its the gentleman thing to do" , " I Like Looking at the stars on a clear night. That's real sweet" and "there's Nothing I don't like (about girls)-Girls are awsome". That's proof he is romantic

What kind of girls does James Maslow like?

fun,funny,sweet,and romantic girls who are confident.

Do girls like caring guys?

Every girl has their own preferences. However a great deal of girls do like caring guys, at least as good friends, and most often as a partner for life.

Why is Twilight Famous?

It is very romantic for girls and very entertaining

Romantic Dating Sim for Girls cheats?

the cheat for it is tdh

How attract girls?

First of all, speak English, not broken English. How do you attract girls?...... Be a nice and caring friend to them

What do seventh grade girls want in a seventh grade guy?

Well girls like different things but one thing we can agree on is things about a guy. He needs a lot of different things. Nice looks Funny Smart Athletic Unique Quirky Fun Kind Caring Loyal Calls you pretty, not hot Romantic Friendly Likes you for you Girls like when you can tell what she is thinking and girls like to be challenged in a relationship.

What do guys think about girls with eating disorders?

it depends on the type of guy a kind and caring guy likes a girl who loves themselves and jerks who are not caring and kind like girls with eating disorders because their are thin

Is writing a poem for a girl bad?

No, it isn't. It proves that you are romantic, and girls dog that!! They love someone romantic, but it's no reason for manipulating them. :)

Do girls most prefer smart funny or romantic guys?


What do girls like more in a boy?

most girls like boys that are sweet , kind , romantic and respect full

Why boys think girls should be caring by nature?

Plenty of times boys look for a substitute for their mum -- someone to look after them, smile at babies, like dogs and/or cats, etc. Girls are all different. But it's considered proof of femininity that they should be gentler and more caring. It's not such a bad thing. Girls and boys should be caring, not just girls. If people care for others, they're happier, by making others happy.

What do you do if you are the perfect jock and there are girls that like you but you are extremely shy?

One of two things:Get over it orLead a lonely, loveless life then die alone.You get to pick which.

What do guys think is romantic?

What is romantic and what isn't is a kind of sense that everyone has in a different way. Some guys aren't romantic at all, other guys are very romantic. If they are, they will probably find the same things romantic as romantic girls: walks on the beach, watching sunsets, candlelight atmosphere, certain music etc.

Why do boys act funny toward girls?

there in love

Why do some girls bend over with no bra showing their breasts to everyone and not even caring?

Some girls do this to get the opposite gender's attention.

What do boys most like in girls?

Depends on the person but mostly, they just want a caring partner.