What does a nutritionist do?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Daily activities in the nutrition field vary quite a bit and that all depends on your area of expertise and where you work. There are really about 4 main categories of nutritionists: Clinical Nutritionists, Community Nutritionist, Management, and Consulting Nutritionists. and these Nutritionists work in Hospitals, Community clinics, Schools, Hotels or resorts, government agencies, sport clinics. and the list goes on and on.

Good traits of a nutritionist are enjoying what you do first off. If you feel personally rewarded by helping others you are on the right track. You want to be well informed on nutrition and be confident and reassuring. You will need good people skills because you might be working one on one with a patient.

To get the knowledge you need to be a well informed up to date nutritionist or dietitian you will need good schooling. You might want to start with a degree in nutritional science. There are many schools that offer this degree. There are also online schools that offer this degree such as Kaplan College. That is where i got my bachelors in Nutrition Science and really helped launch my career.

If you do decide to further your career and become a registered dietitian you will need to follow the ADA requirements to get this title.
A nutritionist advises a person on the nutritional value of foods which allows them to make better choices of food.

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it is a person who studies weather it good to eat. Nutritionists study nutrition science, and work in the health care profess. They work with individuals, groups and institutions to promote healthy lifestyles through intelligent food choices. Nutritionist can work in schools, hospitals, and many types of healthcare facilities.

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Q: What does a nutritionist do?
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What is a NASA Nutritionist?

A dude who works for NASA and is a nutritionist...

How much does a nutritionist earn in Ireland?

It depends on what kind of nutritionist you are!

What is a Public health nutritionist?

A public health nutritionist is a nutritionist that is available to the public. These nutritionists are there to help people make good decisions.

How much school do you need for a nutritionist?

You need about two years to become a nutritionist.

What is the average salary of Nutritionist in Malaysia?

Monthly salaries for Nutritionist in Malaysia range from 2000 to 2500 per month for and entry level position as a nutritionist.

When did Robert Atkins - nutritionist - die?

Robert Atkins - nutritionist - died on 2003-04-17.

When was Robert Atkins - nutritionist - born?

Robert Atkins - nutritionist - was born on 1930-10-17.

Where is your place of imployement?


What is a animal nutritionist?

It is a person who trys to to make a healthy diet for you animal.

What training do nutritionist need?

A nutritionist must have a four-year degree in nutrition. They can also have specialties, such as working with the elderly or with babies.

What is the difference between a nutritionist and nutritionalist?

I thought there was a thing called a nutritionalist too but seems a nutritionist is a nutritionalist. When typing the word in google search it shows the word nutritionalist as spelled incorrectly and resorts to nutritionist. Hope that helps

Where can I inquire anything about nutritionist school?

It's great that you have a thirst for knowledge. Going to nutritionist school would qualify you as a registered nutritionist. That is after you passed a licensing exam. There are several schools around. Consider contacting the American Dietetic Association at You can find out school locations and more about the duties of a nutritionist. Good luck!