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it looks like a sheet of paper with coffee stains on it

they grow up to 2 inches or microscopic sized.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-25 18:19:35
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Q: What does a paper mussel look like?
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What does a mussel look like?

A mussel is kinda like a shell but not really a shell

What does a zebra mussel look like?

Zebra mussels have stripes.

Are mussel omnivores?

mussel eats photo plankton. Witch is an orginism who collects energy from the sun and is eaten by mussel, shrimp, whales, and things like that. No, mussel is a herbivore.

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the life

What is this brown stuff you found in the mussel?

The "brown stuff" you are talking about is more like a dark green look but, it is plankton and is perfectly fine to eat.

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Is a mussel a invertebrate?

Yes. It has a shell. Invertebrates have no backbone, vertebrates do. Invertebrates often have a hard external shell (like a mussel), or exoskeleton (like a crab), to protect them from predators.

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What is the ecological niche of a Zebra Mussel?

The niche of a zebra mussel is in ballast waters. A niche of a zebra mussel is where the zebra mussel occupies its "habitat".

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What is a freshwater mussel called?

a freshwater mussel

How are zebra mussel born?

A mother zebra mussel pushes out an egg that grows into a another zebra mussel.

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