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1985 mustang and more applications than this answer can fit.

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What is the purolator oil filter cross reference for a fram 3614 oil filter?


What is the purolator oil filter cross reference for fram PH7575?


What is the purolator number for a kohler 52 050 02 s oil filter?

Purolator L10241 (or PL10241)

What does proline people 14610 oil filter fit?

Use the application guide from Purolator, and prefix the part number with a PPL for proline (eg Purolator L10241 = Proline PPL10241)

What does purolator oil filter L10241 fit?

this filter fits Briggs and stratton and kohler pressurized oiling systems, harley Davidson, and Saturn 1.9l there is a vast collection of others too much to list

What is the purolator oil filter l10241 Cross reference for fram? on my mowers and my Toyota truck!

Does a purolator oil filter PL24651 fit a 1996 chev blazer?

No, it will not fit, you need a Purolator PL24011

What does a purolator oil filter L24651 fit?


What does purolator oil filter L14620 fit?


What does a purolator oil filter L20081 fit?

Purolator L20081 oil filter will fit a 1963 gravely tractor L model with a stutabaker engine.I need one.

What car or pickup does a L10241 oil filter fit on?

2005 Ford Focus ZX5

What does a purolator oil filter L24011 fit?

Chevy tahoe

What cars does a PH13 purolator oil filter fit?


What type of oil filter for john deere L130?

Purolator is a L10241. Im sure you could cross reference in to other brands using this number.

What car does a purolator L15313 fit?

Purlator l15313 oil filter what dose it

What cars use purolator oil filter l14610?

What auto does Purolator oil filter L14610 fit

What replaces st3614 oil filter?

The Super Tech st3614 cross references to a Purolator L10241. Purolator filters are sold at some Walmart stores and all Advance Auto Parts. Excellent filter that will protect your engine extremely well.

Does purolator oil filter fit 2005 mercury mariner?

Purolator builds a filter that will fit your Mercury. 4 cylinder uses the PL10241 V6 uses the PL24651

What does a purolator L25195 filter fit?

Purolator oil filter L25195 fits my 2001 Land Rover Discovery 2 and it may fit more models also.

What does a Purolator PL24011 oil filter fit?

Will fit a 1997 Chevy Blazer

What does a purolator L12222 oil filter fit?

2004 ford escape

What does a purolator pl15317 oil filter fit?

1996 Jaguar VDP

What does a Purolator L20252 oil filter fit?

Many Volkswagens and Audi's

What does purolator L14620 fit?

A purolator L14620 is an oil filter. This model should fit most late model Honda cars. This type of oil filter usually sells for under ten dollars.

What does Purolator oil filter L10291 fit?

1983 honda accord 4cyl