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Red eared Sliders should be fed a small amount of carrot every 5 days, Carrots are not very healthy for Red eared sliders, Red eared sliders can also be fed minnows, kay and cooked chicken, ONLY WHITE CHICKEN

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There is no such thing as a red eye slider, maybe you were trying to say redeared slider. (the red is not on it's eye, it is on it's ears) Common mistake. Check this website out. It tells you alot of things about the red eared slider.

Yes, yellow belly slider turtles can eat fish!

if your turtle is a male you will see a bump on either side of its tail. if its a female its more likely to be aggressive and will only have a slight bump on either side of it's tail.

Yes. My red ear slider turtles love to chase, catch and eat goldfish.

Yes, my red slider eats about anything but i control his diet.

red eared slider turtle do not eat sharks. despite there ability to practically devour anything the sharks are to big to attempt to attack it. hence turtles do not try to attack them and red eared slider turtles don't eat them. :)

Hey there, Slider turtles eat probably anything. My slider (RES) eats stix, meat, lettuce, krill, and dried up shrimp!! Hope you can answer some of my questions! Bugzly12- good luck with ur turtle

female red ear slider have a much shorter tail then the male.

our red slider turtle is 1 1/2 years old and she will eat 5 small goldfish at a time.

Yes, they are carnivores and will eat any meat they can get.

Red ear slider turtles will eat goldfish. This is a natural food source for the turtles.

it will if in a pond with wish

Yes they can and also earthworms

A red eared slider will eat strawberries. My red eared slider eat strawberries once a week and maybe half of one. Don't give it to them every day because they are very low in protein but your turtle will love them! i know that the pellets have the most protein and vitamins so you should check that out!

No, these two animals cannot live together well. The turtle will often attack the crab in an effort to eat it, and it is not advisable for them to live in the same tank together.

no,slider turtles have fixed tongues but no saliva for that reason they must eat inside water

It dose not matter what age they have to be to eat earth worms

Your turtle can eat feeder fish.

Yes, they will happily eat the eggs wether it was theirs or not.If you are breeding them it is best to leave the female with her eggs and put the male in a different enclosure.

yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop

They eat pellets (thats the best), vegetables (lettuce,cucumber etc.) and fruits.

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