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Q: What does a senior apparel buyer do?
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What is an apparel buyer?

One who engages in the practice of purchasing apparel.

What is a senior buyer?

A senior buyer is responsible for all of the materials that are sold by their client. For instance, a buyer for a clothing store would purchase the clothes and accessories sold by the store.

Who is the women's apparel buyer for Neiman Marcus?

Nearly all companies involved in fashion retail have a least one apparel buyer that works for them. However, this information is not usually public knowledge.

What is the difference between a senior buyer and purchasing coordinator?

What's the different between a buyer and a senoir buyer

How are you able to use yahoo as one of your bookmarks?

44,000 as an assistant buyer up to 119,000 as a senior buyer

What is the salary of a senior buyer position at carmax?

The average annual salary for a senior buyer at CarMax is reported to be $71,563. This includes a cash bonus and a stock bonus totaling $8,404.

Role of merchandiser in apparel buying agency?

A Buyer Merchandiser is vital to an apparel buying agency. The merchandiser is responsible for keeping abreast of the trends and making smart buying decisions.

What is the abbreviation for apparel?


Can a second lienholder of real property foreclose?

Yes. The second lienholder can foreclose. The new buyer is still responsible for any senior liens.

Where can I get equipment for manufacturing apparel?

You can purchase equipment for manufacturing apparel on the Apparel Search website.

Apparel that starts with 'e'?

Elbow pads are sporting goods apparel. Earmuffs are apparel.

What part of speech is apparel?

Apparel is a noun.

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