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What does a shooting star tattoo on your lower back mean?

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βˆ™ 2011-06-01 21:54:25

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Other than you may like shooting stars...nothing. Many designs mean nothing, unless they mean something to you.

2011-06-01 21:54:25
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Q: What does a shooting star tattoo on your lower back mean?
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What does a star tattoo on a woman mean?

She's lame, especially if the tattoo is on her lower back.

What does it mean to get a tattoo on your lower back?

Also known as a Tramp Stamp or a Bullseye

What is the meaning of a tattoo on a females lower back?

It doesn't "mean" anything. It's just a popuplar placement for a tattoo among females.

What does a tattoo on feet or lower leg mean?

It means the person getting the tattoo wanted the tatoo on their feet or lower leg!

What does it mean if you have the nautical star tattoo on the back of your arm?

mostly that you like nautical stars and that you wanted a tattoo on the back of your arm.

What does a Chinese tattoo on the back of a woman's neck symbolize?

It can mean anything. It depends on the pattern of the tattoo.

What does a monkey tattoo on back mean?

To have a monkey on your back means that you are addicted to heroine.

What does the tattoo on Amerie's back mean?

it's her Korean name.

What does it mean when a girl gets a tattoo on her lower back?

Generally, this type of tattoo is referred to as a "tramp stamp" due to the stereotype that girls who get this type of tattoo want someone to see it or intend to show it off (i.e., will be wearing midriff-bearing clothing). This is can be regarded as promiscuous behavior that invites sexual advances.

What does a cross tattoo on the top of your back mean?

that the wearer worships Satan

What do a tiger tattoo on your back mean?

You are fast? People get tattoos for many reasons.

What does a T tattoo on back of hand mean?

that you're a twonk. hope this helped

What does hypertrophic mean in lower back pain?

what does hypertrophic fact arthropathy mean in back

What is the meaning of a sun tattoo in the middle part of your upper back?

It probably doesn't mean anything. The tattoo probably just looked cool.

What does loss of normal hollow curve in lower back mean?

It means that the lower back is too straight.

If your lower back hurts does that mean your about to start your first period?

When a persons lower back hurts it can mean a few things. It could mean that you are about to start your period or it could mean that you have UTI.

What does a tattoo mean that is an M with an arrow pointing back to the M?

Possible scorpio sign.

What does it mean to dream about getting a tattoo of a dragon on your back?

means u pooped the bed...

What could it mean to have lots of gas bloating lower back pain?

Type your answer here... if i have lower back pain and lower stomach pains and gassy alot does that mean i could be pregnant??

What does it mean to have your tattoo on your back?

It means you can't see it unless you stand in front of a mirror with your back to the mirror and twist your head round to see the reflection in the mirror of your tattoo.Having a tattoo on your back doesn't mean anything in particular. The back is a large area of skin, and many people like to have large tattoos put there to show off a particular artist, or a particular painting that they like.

Does your lower back hurt when you are pregnant?

Very often lower back pain is a part of pregnancy. But if you just have lower back pain, it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

What is impairment rating of lower back?

i rec a 27 impairment rating for lower back after fce test what does this mean

What combining forms mean lower back?

Lumb- is the medical terminology combining form meaning lower back.

Does Tim mcgraw have a tattoo?

I think on his back But I mean I've never met Tim McGraw but I have seen one on his back

Does an infinity tattoo mean you are gay?

No, an infinity tattoo does not mean you are gay.