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What does a tattoo of one percent symbolize?

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Redefine the question because this is hard to answer.

In the motorcycle club culture, 1% rose out of an AMA (American motorcycle association) add campaign in the late 50's that claimed 99% of motorcyclists were decent, god-fearing, red-blooded Americans. Clubs like the Hells Angels (along with myriad others in California) banded together in a loose sort of agreement that they would be the 1% that was NOT all those things AMA said bikers should be. I would assume a tattoo is just an extension of the old patch guys would wear on their cuts.

Also, to expand on that definition, police also consider the 1% of bikers to be criminals. Members of gangs like the Outlaws must earn the 1% patch and right to display a 1% tattoo by committing a crime worthy of a "1%'er" per the ranking members of the group.

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