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There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

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Q: What does a tribal cross tattoo mean?
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What does cheryl coles hand tattoo mean?

it is a c in tribal scripture

What is a tribal tattoo?

A very tasteless tattoo.

What Tribal tattoo symbolizes strength?

the dragon tribal

Where can one find examples of a tribal cross tattoo?

Bing has a really impressive images page. There are a lot of unique and interesting images of tribal crosses. You can also find some examples in a tattoo shop, if you ask the artist to see his or her portfolio.

Where can one get examples of tribal tattoo designs?

In order to get examples of tribal tattoo designs, one can search in Google and look at the images provided. Also, another great place to find tribal tattoo designs is on Tribal Shapes' website. They offer free artwork to take to your tattoo artist.

What does an Egyptian cross tattoo on the hand mean?

The Ankh, the Egyptian cross with a looped top, is a symbol of life. This does not mean that is how the person with the tattoo interprets it. When in doubt, ask.

What does a Aztec tribal tattoo mean?

Noone knows so just leave it ok

What is the fusion of tribal tattoo with modern aesthetic style known as?

Neo-tribal or Pseudo-tribal

What does a tribal skull means inside a tribal spade?

Awsome tattoo.

What is the name of the tattoo at the back of Randy Orton?

it is called a tribal tattoo

Where to get tribal tattoo in Bhutan?

in Bhutan

What is the best tribal tattoo?


What does Dwayne The Rock Johnson's tattoo mean?

He has two tattoos. One of them is a bull, and the other one is a Samoan tribal tattoo because he is of the Samoan heratige.

What does a burning cross tattoo mean?

It symbolizes burning in hell

What does a tribal turtle tattoo in hawaiian mean?

Turtles symbolize longevity as they live for a very long time. Therefore, Polynesians included the turtle in their tattoo culture.

What does tattoo with a cross in a fist mean?

This is traditionally a religeous symbol as the cross tipically represents christ.

Did Cory Monteith have a tattoo?

Yes, Cory Monteith had a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images included below.Yes, Cory Monteith had a tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images inclued below.No, Monteith does not appear to have a tattoo on his back, but he does have a large tribal tattoo on his upper right arm. Images inclued below.

What does each tribal tattoo mean?

it doesnt mean anything. tribal tattoos are just black swirly designs that are usually got by jocks or chavs . IMO they look cheap and horrible and they all look the same. you should put some thought into getting a tattoo that you will love forever

What types of tattoos go with tribal tattoo?

tribal tattoo you can do any type of animal that the tribes use the some of the major animals is bear, eagle, and hawk

What does a cross tattoo on the top of your back mean?

that the wearer worships Satan

What is the meaning of a black cross tattoo?

Well it can mean that your in love with demons

What does a cross tattoo between the eyes mean?

killed 5 people

What does a tribal fish tattoo mean?

It depends on the type of fish and which tribe it is from. It can mean anything from being very fertile, to being a brave warrior.

Hawaiian tribal tattoo for family?

Hawaiian tribal tattoos for the family are a blend of tribal designs with symbolism. Peace, love, and fertility are tribal tattoos that can symbolize family.

What does Southern Cross mean?

At the moment the southern cross is an indication of Australian pride, with many choosing to tattoo themselves and attatch southern cross stickers to vehicles. I have a southern cross tattoo as I am about to serve in the military and feel a stong sence of national pride. The soutrhern cross can mean different things to different people. Cheers