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You could describe the sound of a Trumpet in a few ways. For example, you could note that it is a cylindrical, mid to high range brass instrument, and draw your auditory conclusions from that. Perhaps you could relate it to the sound a Trombone makes - higher, and without the slide. Usually the trumpet is the instrument people recognize, and someone would compare, say, a flugle horn to it.

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What is the sound produced by a trumpet?

what doe the sound like of the trumpet

How do you describe the sound of a trumpet?

its like a roaring sound he he he

Is a shofar a trumpet?

No. It's a ram's horn that can sound like a trumpet.

How does an African elephant sound?

The sound of an elephant is like a trumpet, although not as musical. A badly played trumpet, I might say.

What did Al Capone sound like?

like a pig with a trumpet

What kind of sound does the trumpet make?

Why would you be on this page being oblivious to what a trumpet sounds like

How does a trumpet sound?

A trumpet sounds very majestic, if played well. It can also sound like a woman screaming, a foghorn, a dying elephant, among many other things. A trumpet is a brass instrment, therefore it does not have a quiet, airy sound, like a flute.

Write some words to describe an elephant call?

Its called a trumpet sound. When the elephant makes a noise is supposed to sound like a trumpet.

What vibrates when you play a trumpet?

The players lips vibrate, which creates the sound you hear. However, the sound vibrates, or resonates within the trumpet so it doesn't just sound like someone making farting noises with their trumpet.

What are the lyrics for sound the trumpet by Henry purcell?

Sound the trumpet, sound the trumpet, sound the trumpet!Sound, sound, sound the trumpet till aroundYou make the list'ning shores rebound.On the sprightly hautboy playAll the instruments of joyThat skillful numbers can employ,To celebrate the glories of this day.

Does a trumpet have a classical sound?

the trumpet has been known to have a classical sound, and a jazz sound

What do we call the sound made by an elephant?

We call it a trumpet, because it sounds a bit like a trumpet and elephants make the sound by blowing air through their trunk similar to how we blow through a trumpet.

What did the shawm sound like?

Shawm's are very trumpet like, youtube; shawm.

What makes the sound in a trumpet?

Bascially, the lips vibrate to create the sound, the trumpet amplifies the sound.

How do you make a high sound on a trumpet?

You have to tighten your lips & the smaller the hole the higher sound. And say the letter m keep your lips like that and that is how you blow in your trumpet

What is the sound of trumpet called?

A trumpet is a music instrument that is a member of the brass family. The sound of a trumpet is called a taratantara.

What sound word or onomatopoeia do we use to imitate the sound of a trumpet?

You buzz into a trumpet.

What type of sound does the trumpet make?

The trumpet makes a kind of sound that is amazing and wondrous, the trumpet is so lovely and so inspiring that all trumpeters have a great passion over it. it should make a clear sound not a fart like sound, you need to keep your lips real tight and buzz. close your like your saying the letter m and keep it there.

How can you mute the sound of a trumpet?

You can mute the sound from a trumpet by using a trumpet mute. Styles available allow for sound manipulation consist of, wah-wah, do-wah, fuzz, or elimination of sound completely.

What is the purpose of the bell of a trumpet?

The bell is where the sound comes from. The bell also amplifies the sound from the trumpet.

How does a trumpet reduce its sound?

to reduce your sound on a trumpet, use a mute or play with less air

What does the French Horn sound like?

it sound kinda like a trumpet but the mouth piece is more "funnel like" so it can go higher easier and it is usually keeping the tempo ( while the trumpet would be the tune or maybe harmony with the clarinets)

How would you describe the sound of a saxophone?

It sounds a little like a trumpet and a lttle like a clairent

What animal makes a trumpet sound?

Elephants are said to "trumpet."

Which produces the highest sound in pitch a trumpet or trombone?