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A virus comes in all different shapes and sizes.

round shaped, hooked shaped etc

hope i helped

Ella xx

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What does a virus look like done now OK please like seriously what does Weir’s look likevWhat does a virus look like I am I love you

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What does a virus not look like?

It does not look like a dick in your mouth!

What does west nile virus look like?

It looks like a blue small circular virus

What does hiv look like?

It is not a thing that we can see it. It is a virus Human Immuno-deficiency Virus.

What does a typical virus cell look like?

A virus is a relatively long molecule, not a cell.

What does the virus TETANUS look like?

Tetanus is not a virus. It is a bacteria. See link below for photos.

How does a computer virus look like?

they can look like many various things. I had a friend that got a Trojan virus that had cockroaches eat his desktop away. You need to be a little more specific.

What is the shape of Ebola virus?

Ebola virus is said to look like a shepherd's crook. Others have said that it looks like tangled knots of thread.

What does Ebola look like?

Ebola virus is said to look like a shepherds crook, or a 9 or 6 that is twisted upon itself .

What is viruses that look weird?

virus setting is like a virus removal software it helps your computer get back on track and going good == ==

What does polio virus look like?

it looks like a deformed child with a messed up leg or something

What does the swine flu virus look like?

It is a spherical virus particle. See pictures and illustrations of the virus on the CDC website via the link below in the related links section.

What does the rabies virus look like?

The actual virus is rod shaped and very hard to see, but the Negri body it forms is easy to see and kind of looks like a bullet.

What is the name of the disease that makes you look like a tree?

hip virus causing this disease

What is the disease in Osmosis Jones?

The virus identifies itself as the red death, which is actually a fictitious disease. It is most likely some kind of hemorrhagic virus like ebola (even though the virus says something like I make ebola look like a pussy)

What does chickenpox virus look like?

The chickenpox virus appears all over a person's body when they have it. It shows up in the form of red dots, and can be contagious.

What does Influenza look like?

To view what the influenza virus looks like, you can go here:

How does smallpox look like under a microscope?

If you mean what does the virus that causes Smallpox looks like, see the link below:

What does the Aids virus look like under a microscope?

it looks like a basketball, because aids virus is a sphere with a-lot of spots and the spots

Can you do an upgrade if your computer has a virus?

well it depends on what virus it has like a weak virus then yes but a big virus like a Trojan horse then no.

What does an antivirus look for to determine that a program or a process is a virus?

virus signature

Does hog virus make you look like a pig?

No, someone must have told you that to tease you and try to be funny.

What does a cold virus look like?

The virus particle, when looked at with an electron microscope, looks like a sphere with stems sticking out of it all over that have blunt tips. See related links section for a link to an image.

What do cells infected with the Epstein-Barr virus look like under the microscope?

The cells infected with Epstein-Bar virus do not have any special look. You can see the peripheral blood smear with many lymphocytes. Some of them are atypical.

What does the t4 virus look like?

The t4 virus has a many-sided head containing heridity material. Just below the head is the tail which the heridity material passes through.

Why does a virus look the way it does?

Because of the radio wave sthat cause the virus

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