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Q: What does a wight flag mean in Battle?
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When was Flag of the Isle of Wight created?

Flag of the Isle of Wight was created in 2009.

What does the red wight and blue mean on the US flag?

the first original 13 colonies

What does the gold tassel cord on the American Flag mean?

The gold tassel represents that the Flag has been honored with victory in battle or the flag has seen heroics in battle.

Battle site of famous flag raising?

If you mean the raising of the flag as show by the statue in Arlington, Virginia, that would be the battle of Iwo Jima.

What does the ltalian flag look like?

its Green red and wight

What does raising the US flag mean?

In my opinion, I believe that it means we stand strong. We did that in battle and the flag stood there, all the way.

What country flies its flag downside during battle?

If by 'downside' you mean inverted, the Philippines flies their national flag inverted when they are in a state of war.

Is the general lee cars confederate flag bad?

If you mean the Confederate Battle flag, no. It is a symbol of southern heritage, not meant to be construed as believing in slavery.

What do the symbols on stede bonnet's flag mean?

Bonnet's flag depicts a scale of pirate justice - a dagger for battle and a heart for life on each side.

What does the wight backgrond main on the japanse flag?

I do know that the red on the Japanese flag stands for the sun, the great sunshine. However it is debatable that the white in the background of the flag stands for and represents the people of its nation.

What flag was flown at the battle of bullrun?

The Confederate flag

What did a red flag on a pirate ship mean?

No mercy for the opposing ship, all would be killed in battle.