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The yellow light in the shape of a car with flashing rear lights on the dashboard of your 1998 Lexus ES300 means that you have a tail light that is out. This could be a brake light, turn signal or a reverse light. Have some one look at them while you apply the signal lights. If no one is available, you can back up into a retail strip shopping center that has reflective mirrored window panes. You can activate your signals and look at them in your rearview mirrow. This will tell you which signal light is out. There could be more than one. Check all of them. Headlights on/off, left/right, brakes on/off, car in reverse, etc. Once you determine which signal light is out, you can get a replacement at your local autoparts store and do it yourself or have a local repair shop peform this for you. If you plan on doing the repair your self and have limited experience, I suggest buying a repair manual available from your dealer or most autoparts stores. Autoparts store manual will be less expensive. The listings for all of your dashboard lights and other repairs will be in this manual. If you have an original Lexus Owners manual, it contains a great deal of useful information and can save you the cost of the aftermarket owners manual. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

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Q: What does a yellow light in shape of car with flashing rear lights on the dash of 1998 Lexus ES300 mean?
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