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What does an SD card do?


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It can be used for a Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo ds i, Nintendo ds i XL and wii..................

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Get a Micro-SD to SD adapter. It looks like an SD card that has space for the Micro-SD card. Some Micro-SD cards are supplied with the adapters.

No, the mini SD card is larger than a micro SD.

There are adapters in the shape of a regular SD card and that have a slot in which you can insert the Micro SD card. You can then use it as a regular SD card.

What SD card problem? if it can't read the SD card, take the SD card and move the little slider on the side, it's the sd card's protection.

It doesn't need a SD card, but you can put in a SD card if you want to store more pictures and music. If the SD card doesn't hold music, but camera, the SD card will not work on the music.

That feature just blocks any write operations.If you enable it, you can't:Move files from or to the SD CardRemove files from the SD CardCopy files to the SD CardFormat the SD Card

you put the sd card in you phons sd card slot and it will do it by it self.

No. A SD memory card is 32 × 24 × 2.1 mm. A micro SD card is 15 × 11 × 0.7 mm. You can access a micro SD card in a SD card slot if you have an adapter, the are usually sold with them in the packaging.

Well first you have to buy a sd card for it,(i bought mine at target). Next you have to put your sd card in your computer, or if your computer doesnt have a sd card slot buy a sd card reader at radioshack,(mine was 13$). Then find the file your sd card is in. Then find a pic you want to put on your sd card and drag the pic to the sd card file. Then put your sd card into your dsi

An "SD card" is a Secure Digital memory card.

There isn't a certain sd card for it. The sd card is called a micro sd card. These are usually found at stores that sell phones because phones ONLY take micro sd cards. if you want a regular sd card and You have a micro sd card, there is a thing called a micro sd card adapter that you can slide in your dsi and insert the micro.

You have to put ur music on a Micro SD card. The X-tc phone has a MIcro SD card slot. First you have to get the Micro SD card then get a Micro SD card adapter then put it in to ur computer and go to My Computer and select the SD card. If you have iTunes u just drag the song from iTunes to the Micro SD card folder and then load it to the SD card. Then put the Micro SD card into the Micro SD card slot. Your music should then be on your phone

yes, the 3DS comes with a 2gb SD card and compatible up to 32gb SD card.

No, there is no slot for an SD card on the GameCube. This means that an SD card will not work for the GameCube.

No. Half of a gb is 512mb. You have a 1/2gb sd card and a 8gb sd card, so the 8gb is bigger

First, push the sd card and BAM!! The sd is out!

You don't, this does not have built in sd card reader. You need to get a usb sd card reader, then you put the sd card into the card reader, then plug the card reader into your usb slot.

You can either copy and paste to the other card via computer or sync from your sd card to your dsi then sync again from your dsi to your other sd card.

you can find it in your wii manual. But here are list of cards which can be inserted in wii console- memory card sd card with mini sd card adapter 3.micro sd card with micro sd card adapter

You have to get an SD card, (you can find one at Best Buy along with the Micro SD card) and insert a Micro SD card in the SD card, then insert it inside the Dsi SD card slot and take a pic on SD card. take it out, insert it in your laptop and download the picture.

Secure Digital (SD) is a non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Card Association (SDA) for use in portable devices. Micro SD is a physically smaller version.

The major difference between an SD memory card and a micro SD memory card is its size. A regular SD memory card is approximately an inch in diameter, where as a micro SD memory card is half its size to fit into digital cameras and phones.

Try formatting the SD card

it has a micro SD-card slot

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