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According to the Toyota's owners manual, 'the etc. power button is used for powerful acceleration. Whereby the transmission is shifted up and down at a higher vehicle speed than when in the normal switch position. It is used when the overdrive switch is on.'


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There are two, both inside the gearbox

It is called 'snow mode'. If you select the button, the auto gearbox selects 2nd gear to save wheelspin on snow/ice from a standing start. It does the same thing as starting off in 2nd gear in a manual gearbox. Hope this clarifies it.

Yes u can. I have fit Holden auto tranny in my toyota starlet which is like corolla

Yes you can just need to get a manual gearbox

Who knows, you haven't said what type the "2.0 litre auto gearbox "is.

The gearbox drain is at the bottom of the gearbox and the filler plug is halfway up the lefthand side. Use Gear oil. If you mean the auto transmission fluid, this drains from the plug at the base of the rectangular pan and fills with auto transission fluid via the dipstick tube

Down the gearbox dipstick hole. If no gearbox dipstick then system is sealed and best left to a dealership

change at least every 25,000 auto transmission oil does not last as long as manual gearbox oil, all to do with friction and heat in an auto box, pays to replace filter as well

Depends on gearbox ( auto or manual ). Front of gearbox a little way up near to bellhousing. Requires hex key.

Toyota Auto Body Queenseis was created in 1951.

There is no level indicator on the gearbox. The oil is checked by topping it up.

It changes the characteristics of the auto trans. Some could say Winter/Summer or S for sportier...but basically you'll be hardpressed to see a difference.

Mounted traversely right behind the engine.

It reads Shift Lock Release. When the car is in park you can only select another gear with engine running and foot on brake. This button allows you to shift in other cases. Either if your gearbox doesn't 'read' the car is running or brake is on through a fault or if you want to move the lever while car is off (installing a stereo).

If it is a manual then maybe the synchro gears in the gearbox are buggered or possibly the gearbox oil is too low, if it is an auto, maybe the torque converter is stuffed, really need to know wether it is manual or auto (or some fancy kinda new gearbox)

on the auto. buttons are to left of gearlever, lights are on dash next to auto gearbox panel

You dont it has a gearbox that is sealed for life

Well there's manual and there's auto so two

As of now, Toyota is the biggest auto company.

The "auto" button above the vent button is the A/C. Turn your temperature to 60 degrees and right next to that button is the "auto" button. Hit it and the air should come on

in a 4x4 auto box, drain bung is at the bottom back of box . undo this, drain oil , refit bung , refill box via gear box dipstick {slowly}

Castrol Transmax Z. Full synthetic.

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