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What does an oceanographer study?

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An oceanographer studies the oceans--marine science.

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What oceanographer study?

what does a chemical oceanographer study

What an oceanographer do?

they study oceans

Does an oceanographer study the hydrosphere?

Yes, an oceanographer does study the hydrosphere. They are interested in how the temperature, currents, and chemical compositions work together.

Scientist who study fish?


What are scientists that study the ocean?


Why do scientists study the ocean?


A person who study sea is called what?


What is the name for people how study oceanography?

An Oceanographer.

What would an oceanographer most likely study?


A scientist who studies waves and ocean currents is called what?

A Oceanographer. We study waves and currents, geology, chemistry and biology.

What does a oceanographer study?

oceanographers do scientific study of the ocean and its phenomena. Also called oceanology.

What is a geological oceanographer?

A geological oceanographer is a person who studies the earth beneath the ocean. The study of oceanography includes the study of the rocks, sedimentation, and geochemistry among other things dealing with the ocean.

What is a typical day for an oceanographer?

they lok at satellite images and study them -oceanographer411

How are Oceanographer and Hydrologist different?

Oceanographer is a branch of earth science that studies the ocean. Hydrology is a study of movement that distribution and amount of water on earth and other planets.

What do you call a scientist who study the ocean?

An Oceanographer. Marine Biologist, that sort of thing.

What was Johan Wilhelm Sandstrรถm's field of study?

Johan Wilhelm Standstrom was an oceanographer.

What is a palaeo-oceanographer?

A palaeo-oceanographer is someone who researches the history of the ocean.

What type of scientists would probably study the effects of human activities on caral reefs Why?


What is the study of living and nonliving things in the environment?

The answer to the question is Life Science.Oceanographer....a person who studies the ocean.Biology is the study of living things.

Was Jaques Cousteau a oceanographer?

yes, he was an oceanographer

What type of oceanographer studies waves and ocean currents?

The category of oceanographer called a physical oceanographer

Is it hard to become an oceanographer?

it is going to be challenging because it takes variety of years to get degrees in that field of study.

What does and oceanographer study?

Oceanographers study marine life and ecosystems, ocean circulation, plate tectonics and the geology of the sea floor, and the chemical and physical properties of the ocean.

What is the name of a scientist that studies the oceans?

The study is referred to as Oceanography; I would think the scientist would be, perhaps, an Oceanographer.

What is an oceanographer?

An oceanographer is a scientist who studies the ocean (in general). The study may be called oceanography, oceanology, or marine science. The term oceanography means "ocean writing" and includes related fields such as marine geology, climatology, and marine biology.An oceanography is simply someone who studies the ocean, but there are different fields for an oceanographer to delve into.