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What does an upside down question mark tattoo mean?


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It means that there can be ... when I speak to the right people. I will explain. But for now it means invasion of privacy. amen

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The upside down question mark (¿) is ALT+0191.

Commonly used in the Spanish language, the use of the upside down question mark (or even an upside down exclamation mark) are used in questioning sentences.

The upside down question mark is not a punctuation mark used in the English language. Rather, it is used in Spanish in front of a question, with a regular question mark placed at the end.

to do an upside down question mark you simply hold down alt and (on the num lock keys) type 0191 = ¿ :) then, on a lap-top press alt shift and question mark= ¿

"Did" in Spanish is an upside down question mark. There is no "did" word in Spanish. In fact, "do" and others also are upside down question marks.

If you keep hitting "1" on your cell phone, a variety of punctuation marks, including the upside down question mark, will appear.

An upside down exclamation mark could be written as an "i". EX: (exclamation mark)=! (upside down exclamation mark)=i The "upside down exclamation mark" is really the letter "I" but lower case.

To punctuate a question in Spanish you begin with an upside down question mark and end with a question mark. ¿Como te llamas?

So copy this upside down question mark you just highlight the question mark hit ctrl C than to paste hit ctrl V ¿

an upside down question mark = ALT + 168

Alt-Control-Shift-? or under the insert tab, click on symbol, more symbols, scroll until you locate the upside down question mark.

you have to hold down Alt and type 0191 on the number pad.

you put an upside down question mark in the beginning and then a regular question mark at the end. Example: ¿Donde esta? The way to do a updside down question mark when typing is: SHIFT+CTRL+ALT+?

(upside down question mark) Que tal?

It is a query as to which end of you is up.

Hold down Alt and push 168 on the number keyboard

You have to have a second key board if you do hold down alt and select a number.

here are the 4 steps...1.) hold down ctrl2.) hold down shift3.) Hold down alt4.) Hold down the question mark button

"As I played back the video, I saw that I had been holding my camera upside down." "The latest designer in Paris has turned the fashion world upside down with his brilliance." "In Spanish, an upside-down question mark precedes each interrogative sentence or quote."

Donde esta ella? (don't forget the upside-down question mark in the front of the sentence).

Because you've got your book upside down. It's possible you've been confused by an inverted question mark "¿" at the beginning of a question. HTH Sam "SammyTheSnae" Penny

You hold down ALT and type 1 6 8 and then let go of ALT.

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