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this means that your strong


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There is no particular meaning associated with theta - it will depend on the context.

Multiple power sources, typically gasoline and electric.

No. Time in the Bible may mean any passage of time from generations to a few days; as it means today, according to the context or the other associated words.

Open in this context means that the power is not connected and hot means it is.

Depends on the context. Usually it is a symbol of God's presence and that Jesus is the Light of the World.

It means to use the culture in context.

world knows what that means

"Kothe" is a German surname (family) name. It is often associated with algebra in the context "Köthe-Bochner function spaces" The link below explains what I can not.

Depending on context, "volume" can mean a book forming part of a work or series, the amount of space that a substance or object occupies, or quantity or power of sound.

Depending on context, it can mean 'with, by'; 'of, from'.

The beast is a political power. The two horns mean that it is a dual world power (anglo-american world power).

It is not clear what you mean by the word "power" in this context, but a significant use for a spreadsheet is to automatically calculate complex equations and perform mathematical functions on long lists of numbers.

Context is the words around a word or the way a word is used.

It does not mean anything specifically. In a particular context it may have some meaning but you have chosen not to share that context with us.

Depending on the context, it can either mean "from" or "derived of/from".

Depending on the context, it can mean, "I do" or "Me, yes".

Wow - good question - basically it's because of the concept of power in this context. It doesn't mean electrical power or energy - it refers to the power to govern. This kind of question is really intended to make someone think about what exactly power is. In my humble opinion, power is the ability to influence and control others - when we talk of govenments being in power we mean that they have control. If a government becomes weaker, it may lose power. That's what we mean when we talk about it in this way.

Did you mean: Physical? It could mean a number of things considering context. It could mean a checkup, you like to be active, it really depends on context.

FTW is an acronym that stands for "For the Win." It used to mean, "F*ck the world," but that meaning is becoming less and less popular.

Values mean morals and beliefs in the Christian context.

No, it does not. Wining a war does not mean you can claim power and start doing bad in the world as Josef Stalin did.

I believe in this context Caesar's ambition and thirst for power came at the price of death. His assassination is the repayment for his trespasses.

What does fresh mean in this context?

depends what context it's in

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