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Nothing to do with bait, of course (as in, the cat ate a lump of cheese and waited outside the mousehole with baited breath). In fact, BATED is short for ABATED, or ceased; it just means holding your breath. Bated breath is breathing that is difficult because of emotion.

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Q: What does bated breath mean?
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What does the term waiting with baited breath mean?

It's "waiting with BATED breath". To bate is to reduce, lessen or diminish. Waiting with bated breath implies waiting with such suspense that one is hardly breathing.

What is the source of Waiting with bated breath?

The first public use of it, according to the Oxford Dictionary, was in 1596, in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice: "i. iii. 125 'With bated breath, and whispring humblenesse.'"

How do you use bated in a sentence?

I stood with bated breath as she moved closer to me. With their now much bated paychecks, it was no wonder the employees began to rob the company blind.

What are the release dates for Starlight Theatre - 1950 With Bated Breath 2-20?

Starlight Theatre - 1950 With Bated Breath 2-20 was released on: USA: 9 August 1951

An example of sequel in a sentence?

I await with bated breath the movies' sequel.

How do you translate bated breath into Swedish?

Spänning. Sounds exactly like the English 'spanning'.

What is an example of ensue in a sentence?

We awaited with bated breath to see just what would ensue.

What is the Source of quotation waiting with baited breath?

First, note that it is "bated" breath. Though the form "baited" is often used, it is still considered to be a misspelling. ["Baited" has a different sense, too.] "Bated" is a clipped form [technically, an aphetic] of "abated," just as squireis a clipped form of esquire. Abated means "lessened," "weakened," or "diminished": the word stresses the idea of progressive diminishing, as in the storm abated. The expression "bated breath" appears in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, but the origin of the idiom "waiting with bated breath" is lost in the dark past of our language.

What is a sentence with correspondence?

I await your correspondence with bated breath. I am anxious to review today's correspondence.

Where did the phrase 'bated breath' originate?

The phrase "bated breath" meaning holding or restricting one's breath, was used in Shakespeare, in the Merchant of Venice, in 1596, but was also used in other ways at that time. The word bate meaning to reduce or lessen is now archaic and its use is now only in this phrase and in its derivative form "to abate" meaning to reduce or lessen.

What scene in Merchant of Venice has waiting with bated breath?

Act 1, Scene III Shylock . . .

Is there such thing as a movie for The Seer and the Sword?

Unfortunately, there is no movie yet for this book. Though, I am waiting with bated breath for someone to make it a movie.

Are falcons dangerous?

yes. falcons will atack if bated they also will if they are trapped or scared. yes. falcons will atack if bated they also will if they are trapped or scared.

Are Falcon dangerous?

yes. falcons will atack if bated they also will if they are trapped or scared. yes. falcons will atack if bated they also will if they are trapped or scared.

Who Has Coined the Most English Words?

William Shakespeare - he coined many words and phrases - with bated breath (merchant of Venice) - - a foregone conclusion (Othello) -. His use of language also shaped today's language.

What does inhale mean?

it's to take in a breath.... exhale is to breath out.

What does blown out of breath mean?


What are some words for suffix ate?

Usually in th scientific field of 'chemistry' the suffix -ate means that the element has reacted with oxygen, for exmple 'carbonate' this is mix of carbon and oxygen, you're welcome pooosy master for i shall wait for your reply with bated breath.

What is the homophone of bait?

Bate: to moderate or restrain. To lessen. "With bated breath" is probably the usage most frequently encountered. Often, this homophone is seen in the words abate (as in, "the storm abated at midnight") and rebate ("the manufacturer rebated the difference").

How do you get snorlaxmunchlax on Pokemon Pearl?

Its a rare Pokemon you can find on a bated honey tree.

What do Babies Breath flowers symbolize?

Babies breath flowers mean everlasting love and innocence.

What does DHYB mean?

don't hold your breath

What does asemrowende mean?

breath taking - in Afrikaans

What does gasped mean?

To breath fast or sharply

What has the author Alice Campbell written?

Alice Campbell has written: 'Keep away from water!' 'No murder of mine' 'With bated breath' 'Death framed in silver' 'Murder in Paris' -- subject- s -: Fiction