What does beaucoup mean?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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beaucoup means a lot / lots in French.

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Q: What does beaucoup mean?
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Related questions

What does parlent beaucoup mean in French?

Ils / elles parlent beaucoup mean 'they speak a lot' in French.

What does j'aime beaucoup mean in french?

J'aime beaucoup means "I love a lot".

What does 'many' mean in french?


What does 'j'ai beaucoup de bonbons' mean?

"j'ai beaucoup de bonbons" means "I have lots of candies"

What does Il a beaucoup d'argent mean?

It means "He is rich; he has a lot of money" It does not mean"there is a lot of money"; that would be "il y a beaucoup d'argent."

How do you say lots lots of kisses french language?

You can say "beaucoup de bisous" in French to mean "lots lots of kisses".

What does Qui etudie beaucoup mean?

"Qui etudie beaucoup" means "who studies a lot" in French.

What does on a beaucoup mean in English?

on a beaucoup = we have a lot (most likely translation) on a beaucoup de pluie cette année = we have much rain this year on a beaucoup de mal à dire que... = one has great trouble to say that...

How do you say many in french?

many in french is beaucoup. beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup and one more time BEAUCOUP

What does 'Beaucoup de choses a faire' mean?

beaucoup de choses à faire = lots of things to do

What does Tu m'as beaucoup manqué mean?

Tu m'as beaucoup manqué means "I missed you a lot" in French.

What does 'pas beaucoup' mean?

The phrase 'pas beaucoup' means not a great deal. In the word-by-word translation, the adverb 'pas' means 'not'. And the adverb 'beaucoup' means 'a great deal, a lot'.