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It translates to Are you a student also?

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Q: What does bist du student auch mean?
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What does bist du in Ordnung mean?

bist du in Ordnung = are you okay

What does 'du bist hübsche Frau du bist süß' mean?

Du bist eine hübsche Frau, du bist süß. = You're a pretty woman, you're sweet.

What does du bist scharf mean?

du bist scharf = you are sharp

What does du bist du mean?

You are great

What does du bist all es mean?

"Du bist alles" means "You are everything".

What does 'Du Bist die Ruh' mean?

Du bist die Ruh' = you are the peace.

What does the word wo bist du mean in English?

Wie alt bist Du? means: how old are you?

What does bist du da mean?

"You are there?"

What does du bist ich mean?

You are I.

What does 'du bist meine Liebste' mean?

Du bist meine Liebste. - You are my beloved. Du bist meine liebste Oma. - You are my dearest grandma./You are my favourite grandma. Du bist mir die Liebste. - You are most dear to me./You are my favourite.

What does 'ich leibest du auch' mean?

'ich leibest du auch' is extremely poor grammar. It could either be: mich liebst du auch = you love me too ich liebe dich auch = I love you too

What does Du bist der absolute Hammer in English mean?

Du bist der absolute Hammer! = You are totally awesome!