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Well unfortunately you can count on it meaning you'll have to get your wallet ready for a workout. Blue smoke could indicate a few different things I guess. However it is my own experiences that tell me what is happening is your motor oil is leaking past your piston rings and getting into the engine cylinder and mixing with your fuel and ultimately burning along with the gas. That leakage is getting compressed with the gasoline in the combustion chamber and the burned oil makes the blue smoke. Your car probably also doesn't have as much power as it used to and is probably running rather rough too. If it isn't yet it wont be long and it will evetually cause the oil to break down loseing its viscocity and not properly lubricateing the pistons. Because what is also happening is some of the gas is leaking past those rings too in the opposite direction and mixing with the oil in your crankcase and thinning it out. When this happens the engine will overheat from excessive friction and it will seize.

They used to do ring and valve jobs to fix the problem. But that is "old school" and we now live in a disposable society and most every shop around will recommend a newly rebuilt engine. With shop rates being as much as $125 an hour, the rebuilt motor is much more cost effective. I'm sorry to be the messenger of the bad news.

This means that you should just sell your car while you can, so that you don' t get stuck with it.

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Q: What does blue smoke from the exhaust mean?
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What does blue smoke out the exhaust mean?

burning oil

Can you fix blue smoke coming out of exhaust?


What causes blue exhaust out of a car tailpipe?

If you mean the smoke it's usually related to the quality of petrol

What can cause blue smoke from the exhaust?

Burning oil

What causes blue smoke from exhaust?

Burning oil

What is the cause of blue smoke from exhaust on ATVs?

blue smoke can be caused by sticking valves or burnt rings

Is there anything to stop blue exhaust smoke do stop smoke additive work?


Can turbochargers malfunction contribute to blue smoke from exhaust?

Burning of oil in cars can contribute to blue smoke from exhaust. However, it is also possible for a car to make blue smoke if a turbocharger is broken or experiencing an oil leak.

Will bad rings cause blue smoke from exhaust?

Stuck or broken oil rings can cause blue smoke.

Why does your exhaust smoke a lot?

Depends on the color of the smoke. Blue smoke-oil. Black smoke-unburnt fuel.

Blue smoke from exhaust Renault espace?

My understanding of exhaust smoke is that Blue is oil, Black is unburnt fuel, White is unburnt diesel on cold start. The main question would be, how much smoke and when does it do it?

What is the best way to stop blue smoke from exhaust?

if you have blue smoke coming into the exhaust that means your piston rings are bad and are letting oil into your combustion chamber and then causing the oil to be burned with your air fuel mixture and that's why your exhaust is blue from having that burnt oil dumped out of the exhaust valve and out the exhaust

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