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Blue Whales

What does blue symbolize in America?

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Confidence. Its almost always used in political campaigns.

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What do blue whales symbolize?

In dreams, Blue Whales usually symbolize healing, or peace

What does a blue feather symbolize?

Bluejay Feathers symbolize hope.

What did the blue wedding gown symbolize?

Blue symbolizes purity.

What does Blue symbolize on the US flag?

Blue represents freedom.

What does a blue heron symbolize?


What do the five interlocking rings represent and what do they symbolize?

the five ring symbolize the five parts of the world that are know won over by the olmpice . black for Africa . red for America . yellow for Asia. blue for Europe .and green for Oceania

What do the Olympic rings symbolize?

The 5 Olympic rings represent the 5 main continents! North America ,South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. they are blue, black, red, yellow, green.

What does a blue bird symbolize?

Search for happiness

What does the color blue symbolize in China?


What does the us capitol symbolize?

The freedom of America

Why are doors painted blue in Greece?

blue to symbolize the color of the flag (white and blue) which symbolizes freedom

What does blue on the US flag symbolize?

The blue on the American flag represents vigilance, perseverance and justice

What is the meaning of the blue in the flag of the Philippines?

the meaning of the blue in Philippine flag was symbolize the filipino is an courage.

What does the color blue symbolize in the United States?

It symbolizes justice

What does blue symbolize in a dragon tattoo?

it symbolizes being a fairy

Who is the designer of the Visa logo?

The Visa logo was designed by a group of employees at Bank of America, who owned Visa at the time it was introduced in 1970. The blue and yellow design of the Visa logo is designed to symbolize the California roots of Bank of America.

What does a blue koi fish symbolize?

Being that there are no blue koi in nature, it's simply a color choice.

What does a blue mustang symbolize in the outsiders?

It symbolizes of what happened to Jonny. He was beaten by a Soc gang in a blue mustang

What do the red and white stripes on the American flag symbolize?


What do the color dark blue symbolize?

on wikianswers it symbolized the answer toolbar at the top.

What does the color blue symbolize in Italy?

Blue is Italy's national sporting colour (that's why Italy's football team wear blue shirts)

Why is the pulmonary trunk and pulmonary arteries colored blue?

The color blue is to symbolize that DEoxygenated blood runs through them.

What is the symbolize of America flag is?

America is a continent, or two if you prefer, it does not have a flag, though each country has its own.

What does an eagle symbolize for Americans?

The Eagle represents symbolizes Freedom in America

What do the white stripes stand for?

The white stripes on the U.S. flag symbolize purity and innocence. Red stripes symbolize valor and blue justice and vigilance.