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What does boat insurance cover?

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Boat Insurance can cover:

  • The agreed value of your boat,
  • The motor and hull
  • Personal Property (cellphones, TVs, etc)
  • Protection against uninsured boaters
  • Tow Coverage
  • Wreck removal/salvage
  • The Trailer
  • Personal Injury (yourself and those on board)
  • General Liability
  • Weather Damage
  • Spill Coverage
  • communication devices
  • docking fenders

Be sure to talk to a boat insurance specialist to figure out exactly what you need.

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Auto insurance will not cover a boat under any circumstances.

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You can get coverage on a boat with marine insurance. It will cover the boat while on the water.

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No, boat insurance covers boats. Just like there is motorcycle insurance.

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No, you will need to look to your boat insurance to pay for damages to a boat.

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