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What does bulldog Tenacity mean?


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Bulldog tenacity means that a person has the determination of a "bulldog" when they are pursuing something they want. Those types of people are usually described as being stubborn, determined, focused, hard headed, single minded and so on.


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"Jack the Bulldog" traditionally wearing a blue and grey bulldog costume is the mascot for Georgetown basketball. A bulldog breed was chosen because of its tenacity.

Winston Churchill was nicknamed by the Russians as the British Bulldog for his ability to train killer attack hounds. He was known for his ferociousness and tenacity.

Pit Bulls are the result of breeding breeds of bulldog with breeds of terrier. The aim (and result) was a fighting dog with bulldog strength and terrier tenacity.

the name name mean tenacity

Because of its tenacity.The Bulldog is used as a symbol for hundreds of organisations. See the Related Link.The Bull dog became a popular symbol of the UK during the war because of its determination.

Churchill was famous for his "scrappiness", his tenacity to an ideal, and his pugnacious approach to things (and sometimes people). Added to the fact that he somewhat resembled a bulldog, the comparison was a natural. He was frequently pictured on morale posters as having a bulldog body, with his own head.

Tenaciously is the adverb of tenacity.

hold ing on to somthing and dont let go

hold ing on to somthing and dont let go

That is the correct spelling for the word "tenacity" (determination).

specific example of the method of tenacity, method of authority

French bulldog is translated 'bouledogue français' in French.

Andre's dedication was more of a fierce tenacity which, once aroused, could only be terminated by battle.

He is a seasoned veteran who shows a great tenacity for the game.

Her ability to succeed was due mainly to her unwavering tenacity.

Your tenacity in the face of obstacles and disappointments is impressive.

'Stick-to-it-iveness' is a colloquialism that means 'tenacity'. The cat that is hanging onto the clothesline for dear life will have to rely on his tenacity.

If you want to become a doctor, tenacity is a trait that you had better have.

The adverb form is tenacious. It means showing tenacity: persistent or resolute.

"The way you were boxing then, with such tenacity and strength, it made me weep for more!"

Tenacity is the engine of learning and intelligence when it comes to your mind maps of thought.

The student was not able to answer this question but, with great tenacity, asked for an answer on the Internet.

Really it depends on what kind of bulldog you mean. American bulldog? French Bulldog? English bulldog? Pit bulls are a very powerful breed, but again, it depends on the dog, not the breed. -- The pit bull is the most powerful breed, pound for pound.

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