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It means be careful who you are friends with

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Q: What does choose your friends wisely mean?
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What does que tetas mean in spanish?

Tetas means Boob, Or I want your breast. So if a guy tell you that well be careful. Choose your friends wisely.

What does choose mean?

it means friends

If you have a friendand that friend is rude to you what would you do?

What you should do is tell your friend how you feel and if your friend gets mad then he or her was never your friend at all. choose your friends wisely.

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Is it wrong to choose your girlfriend over your friends?

Depends on what you mean by choose. If you mean not talking or doing anything with your friends, then yes. If you choose to do something with her instead of hanging out with friends maybe every other time or so, then no.

Is chicken poisionus?

no in fact its not but choose wisely because some chicken were shot and killed and some led might be in there so not all choose wisely.

What is an adverb for choose?

You can use many adverbs with the verb choose. For example: choose wisely, or choose quickly.

How do you make a sentences with or?

You can choose Option 1 or Option 2; choose wisely.

Is this correct grammar Many people wanting the job - will choose wisely!?

Is this the correct usage of ! in the following sentence? Many people wanting the job - will choose wisely!

How does your friends and family affect you life?

Friends affect friends in almost every way. From what they wear to how they talk, it is all influenced by who your friends are. It has been proven that if you have more friends that cut, then friends that don't, you'd will be more likely to cut because you'd want to feel your friends pain. Choose your friends wisely.

How do you change your bin pets name?

when you first get binpet, you get to choose the name for it, but choose it wisely because you WONT get to change it.

Why are christian friendships so important?

Because fellowship lies at the heart of Christianity. No one is saved into isolation, they are added to God's family. We are affected by the company we keep, therefore we must choose our friends wisely.