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What does condensed earlier employment record means?

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What does record of conviction issued mean?

A record of conviction means that a number of things depends on what had been issued earlier. It means that the record was dissolved and that it no longer exist.

What are condensed domains?

It actually means compressed or concentrated. Example: the power must not be condensed.

What does condensed?

It means to make something smaller and denser. In cooking, it is usually liquids that are referred to as 'condensed'.

What is Lack of Employment?

It means exactly that. It means that there is little to no employment available.

What does employment experience mean?

Employment means having a job. So, past employment experience means where else have you been employed.

What is disguised employment?

Disguised employment means over employment than the requirment.(defination)

What do scientists mean by new species?

a new sp means that sp. which has not been seen earlier by anyone(people or scientists)/has no record in anywhere.

Homonyms which means 'expected' and 'condensed vapour'?

Due' means 'expected', and 'dew' means 'condensed vapor'. The two words are homophones, meaning that they are pronounced alike, even though they are spelled differently.

One word for 'expected' and one word for 'condensed vapour'?

Expected means "anticipated." Condensed vapor is "liquid/"

What is the difference between contract term and at will employment?

A contract term means that the employee has signed an employment contract with a company that is legally binding. At will employment means there is no contract.

What is wages employment?

Hi, Wages employment means we work under someone and get salary.

What is place of employment means?

It means the place, company or business where you work.

What does rise in employment level mean?

It means that current employment jobs are becoming available or RISING.

Why overseas employment means?

That you can work overseas

What is the opposite of a labor union?

Employment-At-WillThe term "non-union shop" means non-unionized employment. The term "open shop" (also merit shop) means unionized employment where union membership is not required.

What does termination in employment mean?

Termination in employment means no longer employed i.e. Fired or let go.

What does OR mean in the Olympics results?

It means Olympic Record,and WO means world record.

What does previous means?

"At an earlier time or date".

What does the name Meiji means?

earlier meidi

What word means the opposite of later?


What does employment prospects mean?

Employment prospects means what employment opportunities you currently have available to you. For example, if you are currently being interviewed for several companies, those companies are your prospects.

Can you work as an anethesioligist with an expunged felony record?

Well, let's clarify what it means to expunge a case: it means to DELETE it COMPLETELY. This means essentially THERE IS NO RECORD!! So to have a record EXPUNGED means to have it DELETED. When you have a felony record expunged it's as if it never occurred. Therefore the public cannot see the record, nor can police. And you then have the legal right to say you don't have a record (at least not that one: if you do not have any other record you have NO record). Therefore to answer your question, YES, you can work as an anesthesiologist with an expunged record.

What does record mean in computer technology?

record means something you keep record of such as 'i am keeping record of your home work

What does the french word chomage mean?

Chomage means un-employment. NO! it means hot cheese.

What does employment structure means and how has it change in the UK over the centuries and what is it like here today?

employment structure means ure gay and it make uk lolish and its more lolish these days