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What does coordinator mean?

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Addministrator or Assistant

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What do you mean by a sales coordinator?

what do you mean by sales coordinatorwhat do you mean by sales coordinator

What does events coordinator mean?

An events coordinator means they plan an event like all of the details such as rhe caterer, flowers, ect.

What ranks higher associate coordinator or coordinator?


Duties of sales coordinator?

duties of sale coordinator duties of sale coordinator

How do you spell coordinator in Canada?


Do you spell coordinator with a hyphen?

It may be spelled coordinator or co-ordinator.Coordinator is more common in use.

What is the responsibility of a sales coordinator?

what is the responsibility of a sales coordinator?

Who is the best defensive coordinator in NCAA?

Alabamas defensive coordinator

How do you hyphenate the word coordinator?

A hyphen isn't necessary in "coordinator"

Does the word coordinator need a hyphen?

No, the word "coordinator" is one word.

Abbreviation for coordinator?

The abbreviation for coordinator is "coord." A coordinator is someone who helps organize people or things, and is generally thought of as being good with people.

Who is the Patriots offensive coordinator?

AnswerThe Patriots currently don't have an offensive coordinator listed.

What is the function of an exchange coordinator?

I wouls like to know what are the functions of a exchange coordinator?

Who is the ist coordinator for North Carolina National Guard?

When you're doing an interstate transfer, you won't contact the receiving state's IST coordinator directly. You start the process in your unit, they contact your state's IST coordinator, then your own state's IST coordinator will contact the IST coordinator of the receiving state. Posting the name and contact info of the NC IST coordinator will do you no good - even if you contact them directly, they can't do anything for you until they're contacted by your state's IST coordinator.

Activity coordinator for first earth day?

activity coordinator for first Earth Day

Who is the Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator?

Larry Coyer is the Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator.

The Packers offensive coordinator is?

The Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator is Joe Philbin.

Can you have another word for project management?

project coordinator, venture manager, venture coordinator

How do you spell coordinator?

That is the correct spelling of "coordinator" (also may be spelled co-ordinator).

What different between officer and coordinator?

difference between admin officer and admin coordinator\

Who is the Community Coordinator of WikiAnswers?

There is a whole community team for WikiAnswers, not just one Coordinator.

Who is the Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator?

As of the 2010 season Hue Jackson is the offensive coordinator.

Who is the Minister Coordinator of Policy for Ecuador?

Viviana Bonilla is the Minister Coordinator of Policy for Ecuador.

Who is the Minister Coordinator of Production for Ecuador?

Richard Espinosa is the Minister Coordinator of Production for Ecuador.

Who is currently the offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, Todd Haley is the Steelers offensive coordinator.

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