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What does curl up your toes mean?


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In a literal way, it's another (better) way of saying to squeeze your toes so they bend down (curl up), instead of laying flat.

Figuratively, it's an idiom that basically means either feeling very uncomfortable because of embarrassment or super excited. It can really go either way; it depends on the context it is used in.


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Why does your toes curl when the foot is tickled?because your feet and your toes are connetced to the same muscle and when the foot is tickled the toes automaticaly curl up .:)

As in a cramping sensation?

Koalas do smetimes curl up tightly when they sleep. They curl up in winter to keep warm.

When you are not actively extending the digit that brings the toes (and fingers) into a position that you are calling curled. The muscles that you relax in the foot are the plantar group.

I love to crack my toes. I can do it a couple different ways so here they are. The first way is by simply pointing them upwards. Another way is to curl them down really hard then lifting them up slowly. Then you can also just crack them against something hard. Finally I like to curl my toes against my calf then just lift them slowly (I just do that if there's nothing hard around. Hope it works for you! It feels really good to!

It means that tatatatata toes as in "the toes"

A curl up is an exercise where you are when you are pulling your self up, but in a curl motion which help the biceps or your arms and also your abs.

I had never seen centipede curl up if disturbed. Milipedes do curl.

Your toes are curling because it is your bodies natural way of trying to point your feet farther. If it makes you feel any better my feet do it too.

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Dancers who dance en Pointe they wear shoes that are so tight that they're feet have hardly any room to move. Then they push themselves up onto the end, the toes are on the very tips, but can sometimes be curled under. It depends on how the dancer prefers to wear their shoes.

yes you keep your toes up & heels down yes you keep your toes up & heels down

the toes curl, a slight redding of the chest, and sometimes a release of clear fluid or urine, but the toes curling is a dead give away, as it is something you can not control during orgasm.

Preacher Curl Bicep Curl Chin-up

Snakes curl up when they are sleeping and resting. Snakes may also begin to curl before an attack. It is best to stay away from a snake if you are not sure what the behavior is.

uhhh everybody knows that ignore it and curl up and die you jackwagon

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can drugs be shot up between a persons toes

Do you mean toes or feet? or both...

If you mean Rhinoceros, they have three toes on each hoof

when prawns are cooked, they start off being grey. They get pinker and pinker but if they are overcooked, they get tough and curl up. Prawns curl because they have been overcooked. You should stop cooking a prawn just before the curl or when they are very pink.

It depends on what you mean, really. All dogs have 5 "Toes" Four main claws and a "thumb" further up the leg, but it serves no true purpose.

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